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“Sideways” director working on new film called “Cedar Rapids”

Alexander Payne, director of “Sideways,” the 2004 movie about two middle-aged guys touring California wine country, is directing a new movie called “Cedar Rapids.”

No word yet on why the name was chosen, or if it has anything to do with our fair city, but hey, news is news, right!

Shooting will begin in October. Variety is reporting that the film, which will star Ed Helms from “The Office,” is about “a sad-sack insurance agent who goes to an industry convention to try to save the jobs of his colleagues.”

Whatever. Maybe it’ll be like “Fargo” was for Fargo, and the movie will change our city forever. Wait, nevermind.


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  1. Stephen Schmidt says:

    Payne also did “Election” and “About Schmidt,” both of which are the two most famous movies I can think of that have been set in Omaha, NE. Payne, incidentally, is from Omaha, and About Schmidt featured a character who worked as an actuary for an Omaha insurance company. Cedar Rapids also features a main character who works for an insurance company. I’m sensing a similar theme here.

    Maybe he wanted to go for the same trope, but needed to find that elusive “not quite Omaha, but yet still Omaha” setting for his new movie. No word yet why Des Moines was cruelly bypassed in this decision.

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