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Portrait of Tonch Weldon


That picture’s from Tonch Weldon’s MySpace page.

The man charged with first-degree murder in the shooting death of Amy Gephart offers a few other clues about himself on the web page.

“I am the best guy in the world until you start pushing my buttons or screwing with my people,” he said.

“I am also a die hard hunter, I live to terrorize all those cute furry critters and turn them into cute tasty steaks. If you are a peta member or other sort of bunny hugger, move on we have nothing to talk about. Anybody else is a potential friend i just havent met yet,” he wrote.

“I like people who are real and up front, I can’t stand fake people who are always trying to come off as something they are not. I couldnt care less what you do or how you act and think as long as you arent afraid to be who you really are,” he wrote.

Some people on MySpace take a survey that poses a series of questions to help the person describe himself. Here are some of Weldon’s answers:

Thoughts First Waking Up: hey, im upright and breathing whay a great day

Your Most Missed Memory: grandma

Pepsi or Coke: old milwaukee

Single or Group Dates: 12 years married,—–duh

Do you Smoke: yes

Do you Swear: only when awake, i think

Do you Sing: i pretend to

Have you Been in Love: for 12 years

Do you belive in yourself: always

Do you get Motion Sickness: aint gonna happen

Do you get along with your Parents: love em

Do you like Thunderstorms: love em

In the past month have you Drank Alcohol: duh, have you met me

In the past month have you been on Drugs: just the ones that keep me from killing STUPID people

Ever been Beaten up: once, will never happen again GUARANTEED

How do you want to Die: ON A RIVER BANK OR IN A TREESTAND

What do you want to be when you Grow Up: ME

Number of Drugs I have taken: You cant count that high

Number of things in my Past I Regret: be all you can be, NO REGRETS


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32 Responses

  1. ethics 101 says:

    well at least he gave people a warning that he was on meds to keep from killing people and that he should not be messed with. i think im going to start taking these type of people more seriously in the future.

    • likeund2know says:

      Ethics 101- Your an idiot! You don’t know anything about him/the kind of person he is, or the situation! U gave a stupid-baseless coment based off a generalized-for the hell of it test on My Space!

  2. All sides says:

    You know, this man’s favorite memory is of his grandma. Definitely sounds like a hardened killer to me. People have to remember that no matter what, everyone involved in a crime like this is still a human being, a father, son, friend, daughter, sister, brother. Lets be a little forgiving if that is possible. I’m sure YOU have never said you wanted to kill someone for being stupid!

  3. Jefferie Linvell says:

    Hello my name is Jefferie Linvell, I use my real name and do not hide behind an alias because Tonch is my friend,one of the few. Let me describe this man the media wishes to demonize.
    He is a loving husband and devoted father. He has a heart as big as the out doors that he enjoyed so much. I have hunted with him and spent many anight on the Iowa River discussing my problems with him and he always helped me. This doesn’t mean he took my side by no means many times he helped me see the other point of view. This is a man I trust with my children and many times my son has stayed the night with his boy. I hope that my boy grows up to be half the man Tonch Weldon is.
    This is a Family that I can say I truly Love.

    So please think before you speak ill of him and remember this is on the net and his son and daughter may read it.

    Jefferie Linvell,
    Marengo, Iowa

  4. slim shady says:

    Jeff, for the sake of all normal people, please God do not let your son grow up to be half the man Tonch.

  5. still shocked says:

    Not sure what was going on inside his head,but I likeTonch and consider him a friend. I wished i would have known what was going on I would have offered him my help if he wanted it. As for his remarks on his My Space page The media has taken them out of context as usual. Tonch has a sense of humor and was using it when he took the survey. What has taken place is horrible and I do not have the answer to why it took place. I worked with Tonch and have met his family on several occasions. My thoughts and prayers are with all envolved.

  6. SERIOUSLY?? says:


    • Jefferie Linvell says:

      A conviction without a trial, must be a pretty sad place you live. But I guess your just another Arm-Chair Prosecutor. The article said he was charged , it did not say he has been convicted. Please wait until the facts are known before you pass judgement or atleast if you live in Iowa county let the jury selection board know you have already passed judgment and can be excused.

      Jefferie Linvell

  7. still shocked says:

    Please read my comment again and point out where I sad I feel sorry for Tonch.I said I wished I could of helped him so this horrible thing did not happen.I believe I finished with My prayers go out to all envolved. How is my memory ?

    • The big picture says:

      lets remember in the lords eye a sin is a sin, I have never had the plessure of meeting all you perfect people on this site. how would you feel about some one making judgements on your life style ? Agreed there life style was beyond my comprehension but all three envolved were equally playing these games . Just not sure why one person has to take all the heat for this. many many things led to this tragic event . Prisons are full of people who made a snap decision that was followed by a life time of regret and remorse. Tonch will follow the same path, and He should be accountable for this horrible crime. Lets not forget that there were several consenting adults playing this dangerous game. I have had the dis pleasure of being between parties in domestic cases, and it is brutal! And for the marengo resident who knew all envolved …. You left out the part about Amy being the catalyst in this situation, I don’t consider her as innocent as you made her sound. She in no way deserved to be killed but she was not a innocent girl that stepped into this situation by mistake. In months to follow more will be revealed.. What if Tonch was your son or brother or father would you all be so quick to condem? I would guess NO .

  8. WTF?? says:

    here’s the thing I’ve read numerous accounts of tonch being this and that and some of the stuff i would agree with, but here’s the thing; after Sunday all that changed, you want to blame the media for demonizing tonch he did that to himself, and what kind of idiot wants there son to grow up to be like a murderer, are you freaking kidding who says they want there son to grow up to be like that now Jeff i know that your not trying to hide who you are and that’s cool but just like tonch you are not thinking of your kid, what kind of position did you put your kid in by saying that, he is not a good father or a good husband not even close. i guess when it comes to my kids and wife i have pretty high standards, obviously way higher then yours.

    • likeund2know says:

      thou shalt not judge less ye be judged thy self, well-don’t u sound a little self righteous & conceited?!

    • Heather Arenivas says:

      I am just going to say that it is sooo easy for all of the people that are not directly involved inthis situation to jump to conclusions of their own… Were any of you living at that house with Tonch Mandy their children and Amie???? Ok, unless you were and seen things with you own eyes or heard things with your own ears… PLEASE. SHUT UP ABOUT THE WHOLE THING…. I know Mandy and Tonch and Logan and Makenzie and I knew Amie a little, but I will not sit here and act like I knew their lives or living arrangements or personal relationships… Because I didn’t… I am in no way anyone who should or would pass judgement on any one of them… That’s a true friend!!!!! God speed to Mandy Tonch Makenzie Logan and the Gephart family…..

  9. V says:

    Funny how people can come on and say what a great guy Tonch was but the fact remains he killed Amy and did it in front of his kids. I don’t know him but did know Amy. She was one of the nicest people and didn’t deserve to be killed like that. Hope he rots in prison

    • likeund2know says:

      Wow, I didn’t know it was ok to mess w/married woman/or break up a marriage & family?! That doesn’t seem too nice to me! Too bad for everyone she was killed, but was NOT innocent!

  10. Marengo Resident Who Knew All Involved says:

    As I am reading all of this, my stomach turns. Let me start off by saying that I think of Tonch’s children often, and my heart breaks for both of them. No child ever deserves what those two sweet innocent children have been put through, and will continue to go through for the rest of their lives. I also send many, many prayers out to the other innocent family members of Amy and the Weldon’s who now have had their lives turned upside down by the selfish actions of others.

    As for the rest of the people standing up to put Tonch on a pedestal, are you freakin’ kidding me?! Maybe we should be worried about all of you being the next person to go off the deep end?!?! Yes, Tonch and Mandy were both friendly people who would say hello, or have a conversation with anyone. I do agree with those points. BUT, Tonch was a thief….yes I know that for a FACT!! He was also heavily into drugs, and they were swingers, often inviting other people into their bed and marriage. I can remember about 6 years ago or so, they were having one of their big parties, and actually auctioned each other off…… To each his own, but that is in NO WAY thinking of your children and/or putting their best interests first!!!! These aren’t just small town rumors, its all part of the whole big ugly truth! Yes, he could be friendly, but as for this stand up father… don’t make me puke! Mandy also now has to live with the choices that as a couple and as parents they BOTH made! I hope it was all worth it to BOTH of them! Call me a prude, but it is in no way, shape, or form the life that I want for my child!

  11. Marengo Resident Who Knew All Involved says:

    Did I make Amy out to sound innocent? I didn’t really say much about her at all other than I was praying for her family as well as the Weldon family. You are right, it was a dangerous game all the way around, and that was my point. Look how many people are now hurting beyond belief from it all the way around. The thing is, I don’t think it was much of a snap decision when he was going around telling people before hand that he was going to do it. Yes, I’m sure it is hard for Tonch’s family to hear his “dirty laundry” being aired, as I’m sure that it is hard for them to read people not feeling sorry for him at all. Maybe he should have thought about that before he pulled the trigger….and that’s ultimately the bottom line. HE KILLED HER! I think its MUCH more disrespectful to her family for everyone to keep saying how great he is…. What if Amy were YOUR friend, sister, daughter??? Would you still think that it were so terrible for people to point out the facts about her killer? I would guess NO!

    • The big picture says:

      Facts are she is as bad as him !!! She slept around , pushed her way into several marriages not just this one. I have had friends murdered before and it does hurt and made me angry. But I waited til I knew all facts to judge and awaited the trial process for partys to be found guilty. More will be revaled

  12. Jamie says:

    I am a family member of Tonch’s. My heart goes out to Mandy and their children who have been a part of our family for the last 13 years, to Amy’s parents whose grief I can only begin to imagine and yes- to Tonch, his parents and our family. We are trying as much as anyone else to make some sense of a situation that we may never be able to. My siblings and I grew up with Tonch and his family being much more that an extended family… he was more of a brother. Although we did not hang out much in the last several years his entire family means the world to me, my family, my children. I, as well as many of you, continue to wonder if something could have prevented this whole devasting nightmare that should not have happened no matter what the circumstances or pretences were. I contacted Tonch when I knew there were problems, but maybe I should have showed up on their doorstep. Maybe it wouldn’t have mattered, but maybe it would have. There is no way to know. However, I have not given up on anyone. Many lives were changed that night. 3 weeks ago, Tonch told me I would absolutely love their friend Amy and he couldn’t wait for me to meet her. I believe him. I am sure I would have liked her. Many open wounds have yet to find some way to heal. I would not wish any of this on anyone… ever. My prayers and heart are with Amy’s family, Tonch, Mandy and their children, and our family as we continue to take one day at a time because that is all we are able to do…

  13. […] or two facts can be perfect for crowdsourcing, and they bring participants like moths to the flame. This post on Tonch Weldon, the man accused in the Marengo murder, required me only to copy some stuff from […]

  14. […] or two facts can be perfect for crowdsourcing, and they bring participants like moths to the flame. This post on Tonch Weldon, the accused Marengo murderer, required me only to copy some stuff from his MySpace […]

  15. Rebecca Goeke says:

    There is still a lot of unknown factors in the situation. We can not jump to conclusions just yet. As you see below they only charged him so that they could hold him, they are not postive who was involved how or what really happened yet. This man rocked my children to sleep at night and was by my side though out the entire grieving process of loosing my father. He loved life, family and his children were his life. I really belive that we are going to find out a compleatly different story once this is over and done with. Tonch has been like a brother to me my whole life, I know the good side of him not all the negatives being posted. He has made a lot of mistakes and done a lot of things that he shouldn’t have and he regrets it. He has been clean for a while now for those of you calling him a druggy.

    My heart and prayers go out to Mandy and Amy’s families as no one should ever have to go through something like this. However lets reserve judgement until we know the facts, please.


    Rotter said the investigation into the June 7 altercation at 1040 L Ave., rural Blairstown, continues.

    He said the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation has three teams working on the case, as well as the entire Iowa County Sheriff’s Office.

    Interviews continue to take place and a lot of questions still have to be answered, Rotter said.

    He said there has been a lot of speculation regarding a possible motive, but the sheriff’s office is still trying to pinpoint a reason for the alleged altercation between Weldon and Gephart.

    The autopsy on Gephart was completed by DCI, which Rotter said revealed Gephart died from a single shotgun blast to the chest.

    Rotter said he is not 100 percent confident about the total number of people present at the time of the shooting.

    “It was one of those residences, they had a lot of friends, and a lot of people came and went on any given day,” Rotter said. “Who was there when the altercation took place, we are still trying to pin down.”

    The incident has affected a lot of people in the community, Rotter said. Gephart, who graduated from Northern University High School, Cedar Falls, in 1992, was not a native of the area, but was well known.

    “She had a lot of friends here in the area. It is tragic what happened. So many more people affected than just the immediate family,” Rotter said. “The immediate family members are going through hell, it just goes so far beyond that.”

    Funeral services were held for Gephart Friday, June 12, in Cedar Falls. Memorial contributions may be directed to the Hartman Reserve Nature Center. Online condolences may be left at

    UPDATED June 17, 2009 10:05 AM

  16. midget says:

    This has been a very sad time in the lives of several families. Fact is, things happened and there is no returning to the way it was! All parties are guilty of not making better decisions. I knew Tonch and Amy. Everyone makes poor choices in thier lives.

    Okay, so a crime has been committed. Tonch will stand trial for murder, Amy is deceased, and the children and wife of Tonch,as well as Amy’s family, are going to have to go on with their lives.

    I am not going to apologize for my statement, because it is intended to help everyone see it in simple terms. Our minds get so flooded with “he said, she said,” that we get mixed up in our emotions. Everybody deserves to grieve, but to sit and “sling mud” is unnecessary and ends up leaving bitter thoughts in all our minds.

    We all need to pray for each other and ask god to help guide us through this difficult time.

  17. good memories. says:

    I knew Tonch and Mandy as well. Not as well as some but i did. They were very good friends of friends. Sounds stupid, but oh well.

    I have only memories of them being very loving towards each other. However long ago it was.

    This man may not have made the right choice here, but he shot himself as well. He had to have been in excruciating pain before during and after the “altercation”

    No it wasn’t right to take a life. I didn’t know Amy at all. But I know that no one is perfect – it sounds like all involved have made mistakes… Glass houses my friends.

    EXCEPT FOR THE KIDS> they are the ones now in pain. I hope to all heaven something will be done to help these kids.

    Tonch is charged and will be tried. He may or may not be convicted – either way he needs serious help. Mandy as well.

    This a tragedy that may or may not have been avoided. Looking forward to make the wrongs better (not go away or change) is what people need to concentrate on.

    Profiling him based on his MySpace is petty, unimpressive, unimaginative, invasive, and raw man.

    I mean my MySpace says my daughter is a fairy – does that mean I’m delusional? No, it means I have a well rounded sense of humor/love/imagination. And its MYSPACE. MY SPACE. I can say what I want, as well as everyone else out there.

    If you take into context all things said on MySpace – we would all have supermodel lovers, be great in bed, weigh next to nothing with perfect hair/teeth/bodies/minds and actions, and be the most interesting, introspective, intelligent, wise, fun person in the world. Grow up.

    That being said – there is a lot of prayers going out to all the friends and families involved.

    There are no sides to be chosen here, just the right one. The one that says those kids are the most important people involved. Revenge is not the means here, help is.

  18. Missing Amy says:

    I have read all of your comments and I actually do understand what some of you are saying. I knew Amy many years ago when she babysat me and my brother. Her parents are good friends of my family and go to my church. I understand that those of you who are friends with Tonch say he’s a good guy, at least to you. But after discussing it with my husband, I’ve come to realize that even if my best friend killed someone, I don’t think I could be her friend anymore. Not a crime like this. I would always remember how good she USED to be, but then a line was crossed. End of story. Of course there are circumstances, mental illness, life threating, something, but from what I understand this wasn’t the case in this situation. Some of you think Amy was making bad choices, but those were obviously choices that 3 ADULTS made together. If he couldn’t handle the path they were on, I’m sure he could have done something besides kill Amy while his kids were outside. (Which, by the way, doesn’t sound like he really was the best father, now does it?) My heart goes out to Tonch’s wife and especially those children, but mainly my heart goes out to Jim and Nancy Gephart who lost their ONLY child. Amy’s funeral was beautiful and full of life just like she was, and the line outside the viewing is just a testimony to how many people truly loved her.

  19. not important says:

    i’ve met tonch on very few occasions and all i can say is it is no surprise to me. the man gave me the creeps every time i seen him. i was very uncomfortable when he was around and made it a point to leave when he was. that is all i have to say.

  20. tina says:

    i know tonch about 14 years ago . He may have changed but this doesnt sound like the guy i knew! Nobody knows all the facts yet. At least let the man have a trial. America is supposed to be were you are innocent until PROVEN guiltly!! The man i knew was as nice and sweet as could be i may not have seen him in alot of years but i believe i would still trust him with my kids and animals.

  21. lacey says:

    i may have not known tonch but my mom and dad knew him and said he *is* verry nice and he was going 2 come down and see me but has been accused of something he might not have evean done!
    Just Rember This IS America!!!!!!

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