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2008: I Am Legend on Sixth Street

I’ll be posting people’s memories of the flood over the next couple weeks. If you remember specific scenes or feelings from the flood, e-mail me:

Memories of that Thursday are somewhat sketchy. In my mind, all 3 days really blend together. Memories of the news coverage, sights of the orange cones that kept moving out over the course of the day, Bruce Aune loosening his tie, Ashley Hinson admitting to her lack of shower by putting her hair up in a headband. Driving through flooded neighborhoods is an everyday thing. We see the aftermath. It’s EVERY DAY! What’s not are the little memories such as those that I mentioned. I remember timing my sump pump just right so that we could actually flush the toilet. I remember taking my wife and daughter over the river for the first time just so they could see the reality of the events with their own eyes rather than through the lens of a camera. I remember the 1st Ave. Dairy Queen sign and the small drive through sign below that showed the true severity of the situation.

One of my most vivid memories, though, is that Wednesday. I was on my way down 6th SW street toward first avenue. During lunch that day, I had been to the venue that my youth outreach group (Central Corridor Gamers) calls home, Trinity United Methodist Church. There was an army of people moving things from the basement of the fellowship hall to the upper level. I really had no idea why they were making such drastic moves. We figured a little water on the carpet. I decided to come back again after work to move some of the stuff that our group uses during our regular meetings (which were supposed to happen that evening). All along 6th street, people who had just evacuated their homes were strolling. It was just like a scene from War of the Worlds, or I Am Legend. People lining both sides of the street with pet carriers, children in their arms, depressed and concerned looks on their faces, all moving in the same direction—away from the water. This was the first time that reality set into my mind. It was clear that CCG would not be meeting that night. It was clear that things were bad.

I hope you don’t mind me side-stepping the “I-380 that Thursday” instruction. I was just thinking about my memories this weekend with some family and these were the things that came to my mind.

Dan Alpers
Founder and President
Central Corridor Gamers


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