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Accident reports e-mails and TV

I’ve gotten a couple e-mails about the accident reports story today.

Here’s one:

This just happened (about 2 weeks ago) to me where the officer didn’t file a police report. Officer Boyer. It was only minor damage but the driver drove off from the scene and I followed him as I called 911. This guy that hit me told his insurance company that he never hit me. His P.O.S. car didn’t have a lot of damage. The investigation clearly showed paint from my car on his and his paint on mine. The person that hit me didn’t get a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident. I filed the claim with the other guys insurance thinking they would cover it, the other guy told his insurance company that he never hit me. So at this point they denied my claim. TERRIBLE investigation!!! At this point I would like to file a complaint to the officers superior but I am afraid that it will fall upon deaf ears. Any suggestions??

And here’s another:

Read your article with interest today. There are many other things that police don’t currently record as reports – I called for help one day because I saw a man threatening a woman in a car and then he followed me when he saw me calling for help. It never showed in the police log because “if we don’t have an officer available, we don’t log it” and he eventually turned off. The man was very threatening and shouting at me, and I was scared to death and relayed his license plate number, but it did no good.

We also had an incident where I filed a report on some criminal mischief – our lawn was killed using bleach and our driveway was smeared with paint. The investigators would never investigate and failed to return many phone calls. We had a pile of evidence – facebook entries and kids statements – saying who did it, and got no satisfaction.

I think it would be very interesting for you to investigate and do a story on what percent of police reports are actually investigated. I know our police are overworked, and I think they’re trying to do the right thing, but I think they get caught in how they’ve always done things and don’t use data to make decisions.

Here’s the video:

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  1. Paula Happel says:

    Amen! The front page article about C.R. police not filing accident reports needed to be written. My son had a fender crumpled 6-8 weeks ago. He was making a left turn with the right of way in front of a guy stopped at a stop sign on a T intersection. Half way through his turn, the other guy drove right into into his driver side door. Right away the guy jumped out & asked if he could just pay my son for the damage, but my son thought he’s better protect himself & call the police. The policeman said it looked very straight forward, so he was not going to do a report. He could have written the other guy a ticket for failure to yield the right of way. (They won’t write a ticket when someone causes an accident, but want to get cameras to write tickets at stop lights- I have a problem with that!) Needless to say, the other guy first didn’t notify his insurance (come to find out he had an accident 2 weeks before), then he claimed my son turned the corner too short and hit him. One look at my son’s vehicle shows it was a punch, not a scrape from turning into him. The insurance called the officer who responded, but of course, without a report or pictures they couldn’t rely on what he said, as memory fades after weeks. Now it has to go to arbitration. This makes all our insurance rates go up. I really find it hard to believe it takes 2 hours to fill out a simple basic report- if he’d written a ticket at least the city would get paid something for that!! Please help law abiding citizens protect their property and keep their insurance!! Why should an innocent victim have to file a claim and risk cancellation of their policy if they have another accident that may or may not be their fault?? Please get the CRPD to fill out something simple for proof of accident cause to help us all!!

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