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Hot Property #5: Cedarwood Hills Apartments, 2060 Glass Rd. NE

They’re the five brick apartment buildings way up on a hill looking down on Interstate 380 and Glass Road NE.

They’re marked separately on the map, but I’m treating them as one apartment complex.

If you take them together, which the city assessor’s office does, police were called there in 2008 more than any address in Cedar Rapids. 446 times.

They’re the Cedarwood Hills Apartments at 2060 Glass Rd. NE. The place has 180 units, and a search of Gazette archives shows a lot of police activity there.

Patice Bolden, the man jailed in the shooting death of Calvin Stringer in December 2007, listed Cedarwood Hills as his address. A man was accused of attempting to murder his girlfriend at Cedarwood Hills in the summer of 2007, and eventually was convicted of willful injury and assault with intent to inflict serious injury.

The apartments are owned by a Des Moines company called C.T. Corporation System, which is incorporated under Robert C. Thomson. The company’s home office is in New York City.

Track these properties on a map here.

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8 Responses

  1. Cassie Oliver says:

    i lived by these apartments these had cops dealing with violence about every 2 hours

  2. paper girl says:

    I know a family who moved out of Cedarwood Hills and into Wellington Heights because they felt that Wellington Heights was a better neighborhood!

    What does that say about these apartments?

  3. Jim Cannon says:

    I don’t know how long they’ve been having problems at this apartment complex,but it seems like ever since they opened.They need to have a more comprehensive check
    done on prospective tenants,plus any tenant that they now have,that ha scaused any problem at all,should be evicted and told to go somewhere else.Landlords should be
    held more responsible for their tenants and then maybe they,the landlords,would be more picky about who they rent to.I have co-managed apartments before and if we had a tenant who caused any problems,they were given one chance to straighten up,if they didn’t then it was good by.

  4. Emily says:

    To get better tenants, they would have to be a better complex. I moved back to CR about a year and a half ago and looked at Cedarwood Hills (among other places) when I was looking for an apartment. The office staff spent five minutes talking about embarrassing Facebook posts and pictures while I was filling out an application. The office was unmarked, so I came in the wrong door and walked through a main hallway which REEKED of urine. When I mentioned this to the staff, I was told, “Some tenants have pets.” Perhaps so, but who wants to smell urine every time they walk out their door? If you treat your tenants like garbage, you’re probably going to get some garbage tenants, is my thinking.

  5. Ben says:

    It’s low income housing. They get government money to house people basically. When I filled out an application there a couple years ago I was turned down because I made too much money. I was making $9 an hour.

  6. Jill says:

    It is just bad news all around, I live there now and my lease is up at the end of the month. I am moving my kids far away from the garbage and violence. Not sure about the low income housing though, you would definitely think it by looking at the people that live there but I make more then $9 an hr. and I was accepted. Maybe because I have 2 dependents, that could be. Anyway, they need to weed out the bad, which would be about 75% of the tenants and start over with a higher class of people. Its not even safe to do you laundry or walk out to the dumpster alone. My son was taking our rent to the landlords building last month and was hit in the back of the head by some kid he didnt even know. He turned around and there were 2 more of them who chased him into our apartment. Were talking 16-18 yr olds here. Seriously, idiots.

  7. […] victim’s not a tenant,” said Jess Hebdon, property manager at Cedarwood Hills. “I’ve never heard his name […]

  8. maik says:

    I am new in these apartments and I do not know anything about the apartments. Is it so bad. Please tell us the details
    Thank you very much .

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