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Hot Property #1: 1410 Bever Ave. SE

1410 Bever Ave. SE

1410 Bever Ave. SE

This is the address that got 71 police calls in 2008.

It’s a white two-story house owned by Vinnie Huskey Properties LLC, a company incorporated under Kevin Bachus, with a home office in Solon.

The home is right next to the Rose Apartments and it’s supposed to be empty. The city’s housing code enforcement office has posted a big yellow placard on the front door that says the place is “unsafe” and “unsanitary” and should not be lived in. The date of the notice is Feb. 27, 2009.

So imagine my surprise when I’m standing on the front porch, writing this down, and I hear somebody coughing inside. (Sorry. I didn’t knock.) All the windows are blocked with blankets, so you can’t see anything inside, but the place is run-down and the yard is mostly bare dirt.

The street was empty, pretty much, except for an old guy with a big beard sitting on his porch a few houses down on the opposite side of the street. He pointed out that several homes on Bever Avenue there are empty.

A man was stabbed in the chest at 1410 Bever Ave. SE in early February. It was the site of a shootout in May 2006, and the site of various assaults and other problems over the years.

Check out the Top 100 map here. When I profile a property, I’m going to mark it red on the map to and link back to my blog. Zoom in to your neighborhood and check it out.

Also, leave a comment. I’m going to try to talk to as many owners and tenants as I can.

Update: Police checked this house this afternoon and didn’t find anything, after a neighbor called in that somebody might be in there. Police said that while nobody was in there, somebody could well have been earlier. I’ve called Mr. Bachus and left a message, but haven’t gotten a call back.


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7 Responses

  1. Bruce Walton says:


    The police were called constantly for a year about the drugs, parties, stabbings, prostitution and assaults at this residence and nothing was done about it day in and day out. Bacchus was too scared to kick the tenants out and finally the housing department kicked the people out but as you can see from the lack of follow up the troublemakers always return. There was animal and human feces in the building since there was no running water… I thought the Wellington Heights Association was trying to clean this neighborhood up?

    • paul says:

      The Wellington Heights Neighborhood Association is trying to clean the neighborhood up. I’m not sure what you expect them to do, condemn the house themselves and raze it-oh right, they don’t actually have the power to do that. Many members of the Association have called the city about the property repeatedly, and have called the owner repeatedly. The owner and the city are the ones dropping the ball here.

      I think that something that people need to realize is that when a landlord poorly manages his property, he is stealing your tax money. More taxes have to spent for the increased police time, city time, etc. Property values are lowered in the areas of these homes, which means that property owners in other neighborhoods have to end up paying more to make up for this loss.

      Kevin can be called 319-936-5626.

  2. Ray T says:

    Why don’t you visit Mr. Bachus in Solon and see firsthand what the slumlord has to say. Better yet, arrange to meet him at the Bever address. Wonder what other wonderful properties he owns?

  3. […] 12-unit apartment building at 1407 Third Ave. SE is just next door to Hot Property #1, the house at 1410 Bever Ave. SE. It’s owned by Steven Demeulenaere, who was beaten up […]

  4. jbnl25 says:

    This Kevin Bachus may be the same Mr. Bachus who is employed by Hills Bank as a real estate loan officer. It may be worth looking into.

  5. Ben says:

    You are joking right? Blame the landlords, it couldn’t be the tenants fault? If the cops were there so often, why aren’t the tenants in jail?

    Adam, did you research how the laws are stacked against landlords when in comes to evicting tenants? Keep up the great “reporting”.

  6. […] 12-unit apartment building at 1407 Third Ave. SE is just next door to Hot Property #1, the house at 1410 Bever Ave. SE. It’s owned by Steven Demeulenaere, who was beaten up […]

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