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The Hot 100 — now we’ve got the whole list, mapped

Update, Thursday at 11 a.m.: Forget about the color code I mention below. Obviously, I have not mastered online mapping yet.

Here’s a map of the top 100 properties Cedar Rapids police were called to in 2008.

We will work on some stories based on this data, but for now, let me give you some pointers on the color code.

Yellow: less than 75 calls
Peach: 75-100 calls
Orange: 100-150 calls
Red: 150-200 calls
Dark Red with black outline (that’s the Cedar Valley Apartments at 3000 J St. SW): more than 300 calls

I kept the hospitals and big retail centers out of the mix by making them transparent, but you can still click on them and get their basic information.

As far as I can tell, there’s only one single-family residence in the top 100. That’s 1410 Bever Ave. SE, which police visited 71 times in 2008.

Source: CRPD

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2 Responses

  1. Ray T says:

    You have got to be kidding about 71 visits to a home in one year. Who owns this hell-hole? The neighbors must be living a nightmare. Please look into who owns this property and try to ask them about the huge problem. Would be interesting to see if the owners live in CR, what other property do they own and what are they going to do about the cesspool on Bever?

  2. […] digital and interactive skills to analyze and present information in his examination of the “hot 100” spots for Cedar Rapids […]

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