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Supes to parents: Don’t let your teens party in the bungalow, or on the back 40

The Linn County Supervisors want to pass an ordinance that would penalize adults for either hosting or turning a blind eye to a party on their property where underage kids drink.

The county attorney’s office will write a draft for the supervisors to vote on. Supervisors say that will take a couple months.

“It’d be really nice to get this done before graduation and prom season,” Supervisor Linda Langston said.

Washington County, which is one of only a handful of local governments in Iowa with such an ordinance, has successfully prosecuted at least one case, said Jennifer Husmann, of the Area Substance Abuse Council.

She has pushed for such an ordinance in Linn County, arguing that it would keep young people safer and help them avoid addiction.

“We really wanted a preventative law,” Husmann said. “Hopefully it’s a helpful tool for law enforcement.”

The supervisors don’t know yet whether they can pass an ordinance that applies to each city in the county. The county attorney’s office will figure that out for them.

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