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Top 25! (properties that police were called to)

UPDATE: See the addresses mapped out here. Thanks to the commenter for doing this.

Below is a list of the addresses where police were called the most in 2008.

Wellington Heights and Mound View don’t break the top five, but eight properties in that area are in the top 25.

Big stores, the hospitals and high schools fill the top 25. The top residential address is 3000 J St. SW, an apartment complex in southwest Cedar Rapids.

I’ve highlighted the addresses by quadrant: Northeast, Southwest, Southeast. No northwest Cedar Rapids properties are in the top 25.

And I’ve underlined all the addresses that can be reasonably considered to be part of the area police have cracked down on in recent weeks. (First Avenue East between 12th and 20th Streets.)

Total Calls, Address, Location
342, 4444 1st Ave. E, Lindale Mall
335, 3601 29th Ave. SW, Wal-Mart Southwest
331, 3000 J St. SW, Apartments
313, 1026 A Ave. NE, St. Luke’s Hospital
281, 2645 Blairs Ferry Rd. NE, Wal-Mart Northeast
260, 701 10th St. SE, Mercy Medical Center
242, 1556 1st Ave. E, Hy-Vee
197, 2600 Edgewood Rd. SW, Westdale Mall
185, 1430 1st Ave. E, Road Ranger
167, 3325 Southgate Ct. SW, Motel 6
155, 1263 1st Ave. E, Apartments
151, 310 5th Ave. SE, Geneva Tower
140, 3100 16th Ave. SW, Budget Inn
128, 20 Wilson Ave. SW, Hy-Vee
124, 1261 1st Ave. E, Apartments
121, 1407 3rd Ave. SE, Apartments

121, 1415 Bever Ave. SE, Apartments
119, 1243 20th St. SW, Jefferson HS

112, 2030 Glass Rd. NE, Apartments
111, 4600 1st Ave. E, Sears
111, 401 76th Ave. SW, College Community Schools
107, 5910 4th St. SW, Lumberyard

107, 4545 Wenig Rd. NE, Kennedy High School
106, 1323 1st Ave. E, Who’s on First
105, 2205 Forest Dr. SE, Washington HS

105, 1530 1st Ave. E, McDonald’s

The following calls for service were removed from the total count as they were self-initiated or initiated by the officer. These calls included:Bar Checks; Business Checks; Traffic Stops; Accidents; School Checks; Motel Checks; Foot Patrols; Cops Projects; Selective Enforcement Projects; Transport Prisoners; Meet Officer; Investigation; Street Storage.

Thanks to Sgt. Cristy Hamblin for getting me this list.


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8 Responses

  1. adambelz says:

    Dude, sweet!

  2. bob says:

    I think a similar analysis would be more telling if it was limited to multi-family dwellings, bars / restaurants, and single family dwellings.

    Places like Lindale or Geneva Towers are going to generate a large amount of police activity due to the shear number of people living / visiting there.

    The true problem areas may be an apartment building with 20 renters and 75 calls in a year – 1414 Bever Ave. What is there like 10 units in that building?

  3. paul says:

    The owner and management of these units have allowed them to deteriorate and become a crime haven. They don’t even check backgrounds of tenants or even require a security deposit. They know that these are crack houses. The units are full of trash from all over the state, people with bad backgrounds who couldn’t rent anywhere else. This cost us tax money and ruins our community.
    The manager is Tim with Preferred Property Management 294-2955
    The owner is James Houghton of Iowa City, 319-341-0641.
    These guys are making money while costing the taxpayer thousands.

  4. adambelz says:

    That’s a good point, Bob. I’m working on it.

  5. Ray T says:

    It would be fun to contact some of the owners/managers of some of these apartments and see what they have to say when confronted with the numbers.Question them about background checks, number of people per apt etc. See how often they check on people living in an apt that is not rented to them–so called guests? If a women and two small kids rented the apt, why are three other guys(no relation) living there also? See if they would be willing to live in one of these dumps for a month during the summer(really doubt it), or let you live there for a month and report on what happens 24/7. Also, would be interesting to see exactly who is advertising in the Chicago/St. Louis area for apts/homes to rent in CR. It has been a rumor for months that some of these CR apt owners have been targeting the projects in Chicago with ads. If it is true, the names of the owners should be made public.

  6. DJ Arnold says:

    Of the top 25 only 2 are bars, yet the police are looking to crack down on them by charging for calls. I think that will backfire, instead of calling the police bar owners will take things into their own hands, simply throwing people out and letting fights take place in the streets. They will then claim that it had nothing to do with the bar, it just happened to be outside it.

  7. […] telling about other “Hot 100″ properties (he’s profiled five so far). After Adam listed the top 25 on his blog, a reader put those properties on a Yahoo! map and posted a link in the comments on […]

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