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Too much trash on County Home Road?

Supervisor Brent Oleson wants to institute a new ordinance requiring pickups and dump trucks to cover their loads when driving through rural Linn County on the way to the dump.

He said there’s a lot of trash on County Home Road near the landfill, and he wants the Sheriff’s Office to start fining people who don’t put a tarp on that bed full of scrap vinyl siding or old shingles.

Road ditches all over are full of trash — that’s what’s left after the snow melts in Iowa. But Oleson thinks County Home Road, which runs along the northern city limits of Robins and Marion, connecting Interstate 380 and Highway 13, is particularly bad.

“It’s hard for me to believe it has nothing to do with the landfill being there,” Oleson said.

Sheriff’s Lt. Greg McGivern said there is no ordinance for deputies to enforce. The supervisors directed the county attorney’s office to look into it, and perhaps write a new ordinance for the supervisors to pass.

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One Response

  1. Seth says:

    Even if there isn’t an ordinance to enforce regarding covering trash in pickups, etc.. there are other littering ordinances that can be enforced, aren’t there?

    Trash flying from the back of a truck should be treated no differently than if I were to toss trash out my window – fine the drivers.

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