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Landlords give their side

The newspaper story today about a licensing program for landlords in Cedar Rapids brought some reaction from landlords.

The proposed program is one of several responses to the recent spate of crime in Wellington Heights and Mound View.

Doug Jones, a landlord who called me this morning, said evicting someone usually takes three weeks, a trip to court and $200, whether or not landlords are licensed.

Leave the policing to the police, he said, and leave the landlording to the landlords.

“They want us to be able to supervise people and we can’t do that,” he said.

He gave me an eviction scenario that he said was not uncommon. A tenant is causing problems, and he needs him to get out.

“You say ‘Get out.'”

“The guy says ‘F— you.'”

“What are you going to do, shoot him?” Jones asks.

Of course not, he said. You have to take him to court, and pay a bunch of fees. That’s state law.

The father of the owner of a rental property I mentioned in the story, 1502 Fourth Ave. SE, said it’s a hard to find good tenants.

“You try to rent to people that desperately need a house, and you have a problem,” he said.

If you try to evict them, they mess up the house.

“To find decent tenants is a hard job,” he said.

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One Response

  1. A Decent Renter says:

    Not so true there are decent people looking to rent, But problem lies in where your property may be. The SE side is not some where I want to raise my children and take the chance of them being shot or harmed. Stop taking the first buck you get and do background and credit checks this would weed out your problem of non payers and trouble makers. People desperately needing a house, this would be my first RED FLAG. I think the landlords should be held accountable as well for their renters and be fined just as the bars are for an X amount of complaint calls to the residence, then maybe the SE side would get decent Law abiding citzens there who pay their bills and crime rate may lower!!

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