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1635 Second Ave. SE

This is for the commenter we all know as “Concerned_Citizen,” who questions the existence of a property with the address 1635 Second Ave. SE.

His challenge comes at the bottom of a story about a shots fired report in southeast Cedar Rapids.

I only respond because I couldn’t find the property on the city assessor’s office website either, and that’s not a good sign for it really existing. But I was pretty sure it was 1635 Second Ave. SE, and reporter Phil Harvey drove by it a second time to make sure.

Here’s a picture I took:1635-second-ave-se

Actually looks kind of idyllic, doesn’t it? The building is full of apartments. Wonder what it was built for.

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3 Responses

  1. YeahMon says:

    There are a lot of addresses within the city that are not on the city’s assessor’s web-site. Most of them started as a single address as a single family dwelling, and the owner added addresses to the building when it was converted to apartments. There are literally 100’s of them in Cedar Rapids.

  2. John Gruca says:

    Let’s just assume for arguments sake that this rental property was not voluntarily registered with Housing Services.

    From where are Cheif Graham and Tim Manz going to dervive their list of landlords to potentially license?

    Most likely from the already existing list of voluntarily registered landlords.

    Isn’t much of the problem landlords operating in violation of current city code?

    To their credit, Chief Graham and Tim Manz are going to meet with me to discuss.

    We seem, as a city to have taken the direction of public input and processes.

    To leave a stakeholder out of this discussion seems short sighted.

    Responsible landlords (who are business owners, and both residential and commercial property tax payers) do not fear this. We are asking for equality in treatment.

    My best wishes are extended to Officer Davis, his family and co-workers.


    John M Gruca.

  3. Jim says:

    The reason a lot of addresses (like apartments) are not found on the City Assessor’s web site is because they only care about having an address to assign a tax bill to so that they can put a value on the property. They are not concerned with having an accurate address database, just an assessment record.

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