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Using loose definition, police say C.R. has gangs

There are gangs in Cedar Rapids, Sgt. Cristy Hamblin, the spokeswoman for Cedar Rapids police, says.

“Yeah. Fifteen, twenty years ago, we would have said no,” she said. Now “I don’t think we have any street officers who’d tell you there are not.”

This is something people who live in southeast Cedar Rapids deny, but Hamblin uses a loose definition.

“Whenever you have a group of individuals gather together for criminal activities, they are a gang,” she said.

The three juveniles who are charged in connection with injuries Officer Tim Davis suffered late Sunday were robbing someone in concert, Hamblin said.

Davis is still unconscious and still not communicating, Hamblin said.

She said she did not know if he was struck more than once, or whether he was hit with a gun or a fist.

“We’re still trying to piece that together,” she said. “I don’t know.”

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6 Responses

  1. Jim Cannon says:

    I agree with Sgt.Hamblin,people in all parts of Cedar Rapids need to wake up and realize that we do have gang activity in our town.Don’t be fooled though,it’s not just black kids involved.You will find whites,Asian ,and whatever other nationality.The only way we can help get rid of this element is to aid the CRPD by calling in any illegal activity you may see.You may not think PD is responding to your call because you don’t see a black and white,but remember they do patrol in unmarked cars too.

  2. Deniece Smith says:

    We do not have gangs here. What we have here is kids that have nothing to do. Most activities are to expensive and the rest are not in their neighborhood. I believe we have kids from bigger cities that had no choice but to grow up in area’s that had gangs. So they come here with their parents hope for a different life and are faced with nothing to do. C.R has had March’s for drugs and picnic’s for the neighborhood at Redmond Park. How about marching for the kids? We gave them presents at Christmas time. How about giving them somewhere to go. I do believe, when groups get together and do acts of crime , that can be considered gang activity, however I believe these kids can be saved and our not your typical gang. Gave them something to do, somewhere to do it at, and someone to talk to. Believe or not some of us parents are working and try are best to keep our kids on the right path. It helps when someone else reaches out and says this may not be my child,but he or she is our future, so I will donate time or money if needed.The school system/ teachers notice’s the signs in most kids. Why not have repeated” say no to gangs” rallies along with their pep rallies. Pay attention to the trouble maker and not so much on the athlete. Put our money into them. What happen to Officer Friendly? So kids can learn to respect them later.

    • Jim Cannon says:

      Guess yiu know more than the Police and that they don’t know what gangs are>You need to get out of the house and look around.These aren’t just disadvantaged kids that don’t have anything to do or anywhere to go.These are out and out gang members.In my line of work,I’ve had quite a few contacts with these “DISADVANTAGED
      YOUTH”.Let me tell you,you DON’T want to have to deal with them if you don’t have to.

  3. Name says:

    I’ve seen MS-13 grafitti on the car dealership off of 6th street and 1st ave west among other gang-style grafitti. You’d have to be ignorant to believe that with all of our new Chicago “neighbors” they haven’t brought their gangs with them, and the crack used to fund the gang.

  4. B. Vail says:

    There are gangs in this city and I have proof.

  5. lil MOE9 says:

    i know for a fact we have gangs here my cousin is GD and i know many STONEZ, and i was stabbed by a ms-13 in cambrige apartments

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