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Police cracking down on southeast CR

With sweeping patrols and vigorous enforcement of even small infractions, police are locking down sections of Cedar Rapids in the days after Officer Tim Davis was found unconscious next to his squad car late Sunday.

On average, police are reporting 25 percent more arrests per day this week than last. They’ve issued jaywalking tickets to people who cross residential streets in southeast Cedar Rapids.

“Over the past two months, we’ve seen an increase in streetside crime,” Lt. Chuck Mincks said. “What we’re really here to do is to show the public that this is still their neighborhood.”

I’m working on a story about this, and will be posting all day to the blog. Check back, tell your story, let me know what you think.

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25 Responses

  1. thoughts from 3rd ave SE resident says:

    I met an African-American gentleman who was fined $100 for jaywalking on his way to the 1st Ave HyVee on Monday.

    White businesspeople jaywalk downtown all the time and don’t get ticketed.

    Racial profiling perhaps?

    • 18th St SE Resident says:

      I would be one of those ‘white businesspeople’ jaywalking on my way to/from work downtown somedays, and would have to disagree.

      I nearly hit a white female that was jaywalking when I was attempting to turn in to the 1st Ave Hy-Vee last week. The lady was standing in the middle turning lane waiting to cross the rest of the street… all the while eating a sandwich. Her mouth was stuffed full of another bite to the point she could barely mutter “thank you” for me yielding to her.

      If I were jaywalking in the middle of a street as busy as 1st Ave on the SE side (where traffic is 30-35mph vs. 20-25 downtown), I’d thank the CRPD for addressing my idiocy.

      Thank you CRPD, your increased presence is much appreciated and prayers to Officer Davis

    • Katie says:

      I no longer live in CR but I still care about what goes on there. I want my friends and family who still live there to be safe. CR needs to crack down on the SE side of town and let those young criminals…black or white know that CR is NOT going to accept this behavior. If the cops were harrassing these kids like they should have by giving jaywalking tickets, etc. maybe they would of caught the young idiots before they committed such a horrible crime. Maybe if we annoy these gang members enough by constantly arresting them and ticketing them they will go away. It’s time for the citizens to stand up with the police and say ENOUGH!!!! Let’s get real….who cares if a business man jaywalks…I don’t think we need to focus on the downtown business area mid day when we can be working down by the hy-vee and searching the neighborhood down there arresting “them” for jaywalking and loitering about. I’m so disgusted by the current crime in CR.

  2. PrisonWife says:

    I don’t think cracking down on jaywalking is a very good use of the police departments time or the courts. But whatever. I guess that will show em we mean business huh?

    Stupid if you ask me.

  3. bob says:

    go to the 1400 blk of Bever

  4. OT says:

    Thoughts from 3rd ave SE resident: I’ve worked downtown and the frequency of people crossing in the middle of the street as opposed to the walkways at the intersection doesn’t even compare. Very rarely do you see people crossing in the middle in the downtown area, and when/if they do, it is usually done quickly with purpose and conscious thought of the cars on the street. Further down, by Road Ranger and Hy-Vee, people meander across the street taking their own sweet time like they own it, almost daring you to come close to them.
    It seems like “busywork”, but I think this is a tool that the CRPD is using as a “net” in an attempt to catch current suspects at large, those with outstanding warrants, etc.
    It’s gotta start somewhere and the CRPD has been acting as if we’re still in the 80’s, which obviously hasn’t been successful. Kudos for at least trying to make a statement.

  5. Ann says:

    The difference between the people that jaywalk on 1st ave by the Hyvee area and the jaywalkers downtown is that the people downtown don’t purposely walk right in front of your car like YOU are in THEIR way. Have some respect, you lowlifes aren’t the only ones that live in this town.

  6. Jim Cannon says:

    Let’s don’t start this profiling stuff just because the Police are concentrating their net in a crime prone area. You
    complain about the Officers not being out their and doing their jobs, then when they start doing something you complain because they are doing their job. I know for a fact that they aren’t just going after the black community or the SE/NE side population. They are going to be coming down on all areas of Cedar Rapids and I say kudos to them for starting this large crackdown. If they should ticket me for jaywalking, etc., of course I won’t like it but I’m the one who broke the law so I deserved to have to pay for doing so.

    Chief Graham, and all Officers of CRPD, keep up the good work and clean up this city once and for all. I, for one, appreciate the work you are doing.

  7. […] back to Adam, he is adding material to another post as well as the article noted above.  I would recommend taking a peek at the comments in both […]

  8. Brian says:

    I’m really appreciative of the crackdown. I live in the 1500 block of Washington Ave SE. Hopefully, this crackdown will make it a bit safer. I have a wife and small children and am very concerned about their well-being while I am at work. Its time we take these crime ridden neighborhoods back. If something isnt done, when summer arrives, it will be totally out of control! I dont even want to live there anymore, but I own my home and just can’t pack up and move without losing my investment.

  9. Chris says:

    The police know who the troublemakers are in that neighborhood. I seriously doubt that someone who gets a jaywalking ticket was crossing the street to go to Sunday School.

  10. Sheryl says:

    I wish they would fine the people who walk down the street like it is a sidewalk and fine people going the wrong way on their bicycles. I see this all the time in the Wellington Heights area more than anywhere else in Cedar Rapids.

    Since I live on a one-way, I’m afraid one of these times I won’t look both ways and hit someone as I turn the corner. You have to watch carefully as you turn onto a one-way because people are constantly running stop signs so one moment no one is there and the next moment a car is almost on top of you. It is for this reason, I wish pedestrians and bicyclists would obey the street laws.

  11. Brian says:

    I agree 100% Sheryl! I am so sick of trying to travel to my home pr work and have to wait for some hoodrat to get out of the middle of the street. We have sidewalks for a reason people!

  12. chris says:


    • why judge people says:

      You should look into James Collins a black man that was beat by police and resulted in his death. You should also realize that things like the Rodney King has happened here. Just don’t make the news. Blacks wouldn’t need to use the color of their skin if it was so odvious that thats why they are being stopped. If this don’t happen to you you can’t say it’s a crutch. Racism is in America and it is here in CR. you should face that. Instead of adding to it.

  13. CHRIS L says:

    Is there any real reason to revert to race every time there is a problem? If it had been three white kids, I would be just as angry. IM SORRY, BUT IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO STOP POINTING OUT RACE, THEN STOP COMMITING CRIMES!! The white woman who killed the cab driver is a sick waste of space, and so are the scum who run in gangs or milk the welfare system. I congratulate the PD for finally trying to take back the SE side. If it appears racial to blacks, maybe they should try to show the PD they are not criminals by doing more than crying racism and portraying themselves as victims everytime!

    • why judge people says:

      How can you show your not a criminal? Also blacks don’t revert to race. We are not on the sites when kids have been offended. Saying why white men have sex with little kids and why don’t they stay in prison longer or for life. Victims? please blacks can’t play they victim when they are the suspect all the time. Sometimes just because they are black. Face it CR does and always have racial profiled. And a lot of white here are prejudice or at least stereotype against blacks.

  14. Jerome says:

    Bottom line, until Cedar Rapids is a very uncomfortable place for “gangsta” blacks to live, it will always be a crime-ridden place.

  15. adambelz says:

    FYI, earlier post by “Jerome” removed by me for being offensive.

  16. Deniece says:

    The police should of been getting on these kids. How many summers have I seen kids out in big groups and watch the police ride past them? Serval times. My kids used to get jumped on and I would call police. By the time they would get there. I was now trying to protect my kids and myself. Once they get there they don’t take the time to do paperwork. They have said things like go home. And not to the kids that jumped on my kids, but to my kids. Cause we lived on the NE side and my mom lived on the SE side. If they were not over there they wouldn’t get jumped on. So when they started coming to the NE side. Call them again, but this time I don’t have names so can’t do nothing. Cause by the time they got there (police), the kids ran. When they came to my house, it was now to personal, I had names this time. Pressed charges and had a court date. Showed up on time with the court stamped, judge signed noticed to appear. The State’s Juvinile Attorney first told me I was late and so they had no choice but to drop the case againist the boy. I must say she acted disappointed in me. I showed her the paperwork from her office, with tears in my eyes cause this kid just got off, the paperwork had what she said,” was a typo and people are human and make mistakes , that I shouldn’t worry cause he was on probation and will have a tracker. HELLO he was already on probation when he jumped on my kids. So should I be proud that they are stopping people for j- walking? No they should of been doing their jobs. It shouldn’t took one of their own to get hurt to start cracking down even more. Cause trust they always been in the area thick they were just stopping people who looked liked they did something. My boyfriend and me come back from a movie and he walked up to then QT. He was no more then 10 ft. from the house he gets stopped by the police cause he looked like somebody that did something. When presented with our ture stroy of just coming from movies with tickets as proof, they still detained him and ran his name. Is that not harrassment? When they let him go you think they apolgized, if for nothingelse but so he would respect them (police) the next time they stop him for looking like the next black man. Also I heart and prayers do go out to Officer Davis and his Family. However that does not give people the right to start bashing black people. You jugde people like the boys involved. You say the parents don’t work, they are on welfare, they are on drugs. You don’t stop to think maybe they were at work when most of these kids are in the streets. One boy mother said she hurt her arm at work. However you use these times and these sites to be racists. You hide behind the computer, like some do under sheets. Because why you ask. CR don’t want that picture of the so called equality and togetherness to actually show that blacks can’t get good apartments or some jobs cause they are black. No we don’t want to talk about that.

  17. Jim Cannon says:

    I just have to say kudos to Chief Graham as he has been through quite a bit since he came here.The first thing he faces is our flood,then our “Leaders” cutting budgets,a
    Police Officer getting brutally beaten while on duty and
    now some citizens of this city condemning him for trying
    to clean this city up.Folks,this is what we want the Police
    to do and I,for one ,don’t care how they do it.Get all the
    trash,white or black,off the streets.Citizens of Cedar
    Rapids,get behind you Police Force and show them that
    you respect what they are trying to do.Start reporting
    any and all criminal activity you see.I’ve said this before,the Police can’t be everywhere at once,that is
    where we come in.Don’t be afraid to get involved.That is the only way to take “OUR” city back.
    City Council,get off your duffs and give our Police Dept.
    whatever they need to clean this city up.

  18. CHRIS L says:

    Again, the race issue is always brought up, but this is a parenting issue. What parents let their kids run the streets and rob people? White or black, it is pathetic that these people are not in jail as well. I have two boys the same age, and I was shocked that this could even happen. There is no moral value system anymore!!
    My prayers to the officer that was injured, and his family. I hope they can find peace in the insanity that is developing in this city. I live in the Wellington hts area and I dont mind the police presance because now I dont get nervous walking to the store at night.
    If the new enforcement hurts some peoples feelings, remember, the law is the law. Dont want a problem? Dont break the law. Jay walking, etc is a law that can and should be enforced! Maybe the white meth heads and the black gang banger wannabes will move outta town if the police are cracking down!! If so, I support the move!

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