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Officer Davis was popular in Wellington Heights

Cedar Rapids Police Officer Tim Davis, who was found unconscious after he and Officer Tracy Brumbaugh broke up a robbery in progress late Sunday, was popular with teenagers in Wellington Heights.

A 17-year-old named Jose Rockiett has been charged with first-degree robbery and willful injury in the episode that left Davis with apparently severe head injuries at the corner of A Avenue and 16th Street NE.

According to Jagarius Bell, 17, who was acquainted with the boys involved in the robbery, Davis was a good cop — flexible, respectful and friendly.

“He was never one of those uptight cops,” Bell said. “He was a cool dude. I feel bad for him and his family and I wish the best for them.”

Hundreds attended a service for Davis Wednesday night, and a fund has been set up at Collins Community Credit Unions for anyone who wants to help offset Davis family expenses. Police have not released his specific condition.

“The support from the community has been phenomenal,” said Cedar Rapids police Sgt. Cristy Hamblin. “Requests of help have poured in to the department.”

What’s less well known is that Davis had a good relationship with the community that’s now under more vigorous police scrutiny than it’s been under for months.

People like Bell and his friends think he was injured after the robbery because Rockiett didn’t know who Davis was, panicked, slugged him one time and ran. Davis and his partner responded to a mugging in an unmarked car, wearing plain clothes.

The police version of events is so far vague: Davis and Brumbaugh responded to the mugging in the 1600 block of First Avenue NE at 10:56 p.m. Sunday. They located three suspects at the corner of A Avenue and 16th Street NE, and two of the suspects ran. Brumbaugh ran after the two, while Davis stayed with the third — apparently Rockiett.

When officers returned to the squad car, Davis was unconscious with severe head injuries. He underwent three hours of surgery at University Hospitals on Monday.

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4 Responses

  1. Ann says:

    Slugged him one time?? I think not, Office Davis was in surgery for 3 hours and is still in critical condition, I think that would consist of more than just one punch in the face. My thoughts and prayers are with the Davis family!

  2. Jim Cannon says:

    Three hours in surgery,slugged one time.Something is wrong with this young man’s thinking.Tim was straight
    out beaten with the intent to do more than just injure him.
    There is no reason to give the excuse that this young man didn’t know that Tim was a Police Officer because I am sure both Officers followed procedure,had their badges visible and identified themselves as Police.Tim was beaten because he was doing his duty by attempting to detain a suspect in a brutal robbery.If the young people respect Tim,then they need to stop trying to make excuses for what this young man did to him.
    Tim was well respected by everyone that he came in contact with.I have seen him in action many times and he was always calm and tried to treat the subject with respect while still doing his job.There was absolutely no
    sense in this happening.

  3. Confused says:

    To me, it doesn’t matter if he was a police officer or a citizen concerned with a crime happening. Rockiett committed a crime, and then later blatantly beat someone almost to death. The fact that it was a police officer only makes the crime even more serious.
    The excuse that “Rockiett didn’t know who Davis was, panicked, slugged him one time and ran” is BS. That’s not an excuse, that’s a major problem. Who goes around slugging people?? Go to school, finish school and get a job… please

  4. Fellow Officer says:

    As a fellow officer from another department, my heart goes out to Officer Tim Davis. Being an Officer takes great strength and dedication. We never know what type of situations we are going to walk into, and the crime rate continues to go up. I respect Officer Davis for putting on the uniform every day, and he should be commended.

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