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Wood boiler saga continues, meetings next week

Press release from Public Health on wood boiler meetings scheduled for Monday and Tuesday:

Linn County Public Health will hold meetings Monday and Tuesday from 6 – 8 p.m. We are planning to hold the meetings at the Public Health Office at 501 13th Street NW. If attendance exceeds capacity of the office conference room, then we will move across the street to Roosevelt School. Signs will be posted.

We will accept input on all aspects during the meeting. However, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to be heard, we will segment the comments where:

Monday’s meeting we begin with hearing from individuals in the community who are concerned about the negative impact that outdoor wood boilers can have on health.

Tuesday’s meeting will begin with hearing from individuals in the community who are concerned about negative impact that an ordinance would have on their ability to use their outdoor wood boiler.
The meetings will be an opportunity to have a dialog with community representatives from both sides of this important issue. Unlike the public comment period at the prior Board of Health meeting, Public Health staff will be allowed to engage in dialogue about specific issues and concerns.

If you plan to attend the meetings, please take time to review some of the information on this subject available on our website at

Public Information Officer
Linn County Public Health
(349) 892-6000

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2 Responses

  1. zach says:

    This is just completely…. stupid. I cant properly express exactly how I feel about the waste of time this is without saying bad words so I will stop here.

  2. leon says:

    With the Ash bore coming what is the county going to do with the millions of trees that will die in the next 10 years if we can not burn them?

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