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Fargo leaders call for new levee system

Though the historic flood only began to recede in Fargo on Saturday, the mayor and city commission are already pushing for a federally-funded permanent flood protection system.

Though the titanic citywide effort to hold back the Red River was largely successfuly, “You wouldn’t want to do this every year,” Fargo Deputy Mayor Tim Mahoney said Sunday “All we’re asking for is $800 million.”

The 1997 flood was disastrous for Grand Forks, but in comparison, Fargo escaped. Grand Forks built a huge levee system that has kept the city calm this week, Fargo built only piecemeal flood protection.

Cedar Rapids is helping the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers expedite a study of the Cedar River valley so Cedar Rapids can build a levee system of its own. The study could take another two years. Building he levees and flood walls could take 15 years.

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