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River dropping — maybe — in Fargo

The Red River may have crested at 40.85 feet, an all-time record, in Fargo early this morning.

But Greg Gust (yes, that’s right) of the National Weather Service said don’t get too excited yet.

“We’re going to be sitting here (at this level) at Fargo-Moorhead for another week,” he said.

He also pointed out that lots of snow and ice will melt soon, and more precipitation is coming on Sunday and Monday.

“At some point, there’s going to be movement of that water,” Gust told Fargo’s WDAY Radio.
“We could see a secondary rise, and a higher level than what we’ve seen.”

He still thinks that 42 feet is probably a worst-case scenario, and the dikes in Fargo protect to 43 feet.

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  1. tommoriarty says:

    See herefor links to a very nice USGS poster about the history of Red River flooding and its causes. The “landform factors” and “Weather factors” mentioned in the poster are laid out in the post and addressed one by one. The bottom line: Extremely high precipitation in the fall saturated the soil. Then temperatures dropped to record lows in mid-December through mid March. Then the temperatures rose to above normal for about two weeks in the last half of March.

    The Red River finally crested at about 40.8 feet, slightly higher than the previous record of 40.1 feet in 1897. I think that even Barack Obama would agree that the 1897 flood was not due to global warming. So where is it between 40.1 feet and 40.8 feet that global warming becomes obviously responsible?

    Best regards

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