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The second-day story, with your help. Call Gazette reporter Adam Belz at (319) 398-8273 or e-mail him:

Downtown Moorhead deserted but for onlookers

We drove to the top of a parking ramp overlooking the Red River from the Minnesota side, in Moorhead, population 32,000.

The river is touching the bottom of all the bridges to Fargo, and the water is swirling through bottom floor of the parking ramp. The metal steps to the ground disappear into the water.

A guy drove up in a pickup and got out. Walked to the edge of the parking ramp, and looked over.

“We got a little water,” he said.

A girl got out too, and walked toward him.

“Wanna go swimmin’ hun?” he said.

Our streaming video, at the above link, is a little dicey, but Woods keeps working on it.

Moorhead doesn’t get as much attention as Fargo, but the city has recommended that residents leave the southwest corner of the city and a low-lying township to the north where some homes have already flooded.

The downtown is empty. People are walking and driving across the Main Avenue bridge, which, other than Interstate 94, is the only bridge across the river.

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