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Flooding to the north

Our cousins to the north, Grand Forks and Fargo, N.D., are preparing for high water over the next couple weeks.

It looks like it will be worse in Fargo than in Grand Forks.

Kevin Dean, spokesman for the city of Grand Forks, told me on Thursdaythey expect the Red River to crest between 46 and 50 feet, right around April 1.

In the disastrous flood of 1997, the Red River reached 54 feet at Grand Forks, and the city’s new levees and floodwalls protect against a flood that high.

People are a little anxious, Dean said, but confident in the levees.

“Now, after investing $417 million, we’ve got a pretty good system,” he said. “A 50 foot, a 52 foot crest, falls well within our ability to control.

“In 1997, when the river reached 48 feet, schools were letting out, businesses were closing, everyone was down working on sandbags.”

The situation in Fargo, about 80 miles south, is more dire. By March 27, the National Weather Service predicts the Red River to reach 37 feet. The record flood there is 40 feet, in 1897.

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