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Mauro: Dumping electoral college would have “negative effect”

Iowa’s Secretary of State Michael Mauro weighed in today against the popular vote bill, something the Gazette’s editorial page called an “end-run” around the Constitution.

The bill, which was approved by the Senate State Government Committee this week, would require Iowa’s presidential electoral votes be awarded to the winner of the national popular vote, regardless of whether the candidate wins Iowa.

Here’s a video voicing opposition to the bill.

The Electoral College system, Mauro said, was created to protect less populated states like Iowa to ensure they are included in the process.

“In the past twenty years Iowa has been a battleground state in determining our president. There’s a reason each party’s nominee visited our state days before Election Day – because our state still mattered,” Mauro said in a statement. “As I see it, toying with our nation’s current system could only have a negative effect on Iowa’s historically important role.”

State Senators Stacie Appel, John Kibbie, Thomas Courtney, Jeff Danielson, Dick Dearden, Jack Hatch, Pam Jochum and Steven Sodders voted for the bill, which left committee and goes to the full Senate some time soon.

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One Response

  1. Seth Moomey says:

    This bill makes absolutely no sense to me. Usually when it comes to a proposed bill I can see a little bit of each side.. but this one just boggles my mind.

    Why would Iowan’s give up their voice in the Presidential race by allowing our electoral votes to go to whomever wins the national popular vote? What does an overall national result have to do with how Iowans vote?

    Why not just skip the caucus process while we are at it, and just go last – we can just go with whoever gets chosen nationally.

    Iowa’s electoral votes should go to who IOWANS vote for, regardless of how the national race ends up. Anything else is basically removing us from the process.

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