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Sales Tax Question #4

Q. If Linn County votes “yes”, does some of the money that would go to flood relief in Cedar Rapids end up being syphoned off to the county? – Steve Benton, Toddville

A. If rural Linn County voters pass the tax, it will mean less revenue for the city, but I can’t say with precision how much less.

The city would collect $17.2 million each year if every city in Linn County (and the rural part of the county) passes the tax. In the same scenario, the county would collect about $4.7 million. (These numbers are slightly revised from what we’ve been reporting in The Gazette, because the formula has changed, as Rick Smith reports on his blog.)

So if county voters decide NOT to pass the tax, some of that $4.7 million — we’re thinking roughly 60 percent of it — would go to the city.

The first year of the county’s revenue will go to recover county flood expenses.But the county plans to spend the bulk of its revenue, or 90 percent in years two through five, on rural roads and bridges. The other 10 percent IN YEARS TWO THROUGH FIVE will go for conservation projects.

The city, on the other hand, has the same setup for spending its revenue in all five years: 90 percent for buyouts and home repairs, and 10 percent to offset property tax increases.

Disclaimer: The dollar figures herein are estimates.

I am trying to respond to reader questions about the sales tax this week. Please e-mail or call with your questions, at or (319) 398-8273.

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