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Sales Tax Question #2

Q. I would like some clarification on how the money will be split for ALL five years. Will it be a 90%-10% split for ALL five years? Or will it be the 90%-10% split for only the first year? – Ken Brill, Cedar Rapids

A. Depends on if you’re talking about the city or the county.

The city’s portion of the revenue will be split 90/10 for all five years, with 90 percent going to buyouts, home rehabs and flood recovery and 10 percent going to property tax relief.

The county will spend its portion of the first year’s revenue recovering county flood expenses. In years two through five, the county will spend its revenue in a 90/10 split. 90 percent for rural roads and bridges, and 10 percent for conservation maintenance and improvements.

I am trying to respond to reader questions about the sales tax over the next week. Please e-mail or call with your questions, at or (319) 398-8273.


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  1. […] Is local-option sales tax revenue only for flood victims? 90 percent of the money the city receives from the tax will pay for flood recovery, and the city council says that means buyouts, paying the local share for federally-funded buyouts, helping people rebuild their homes and helping flood victims who lost their homes rebuild new ones. The other 10 percent will be used for property tax relief. (Linn County’s revenue will be spent differently.) […]

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