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Supervisors getting the word out

The Linn County Supervisors are beefing up their participation in the public discussion with a lengthy frequently asked questions document on the county’s website.

It was posted Friday, and deals largely with questions about Westdale Mall.

The supervisors pose questions like “Why did Linn County decline the offer to purchase Westdale Mall?” and “Why did Linn County ask for a response from Cushman & Wakefield (the mall owners’ proxy) by Jan. 26 regarding the leased space?” and “What has Linn County been doing the last seven months?”

To the supervisors’ credit, these are the questions people have been asking.

FYI, the owners of the mall are Cedar Rapids Properties Inc., an affiliate of Park National Bank of Chicago.

The latest news on Westdale’s health as a business is that Bishop’s is closing its restaurant there.

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