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No response from Westdale

Last week, the Board of Supervisors asked the owners of Westdale Mall to get back to them by Monday about extending county leases at the mall for another 24 months after April.

Mike Goldberg said Tuesday the Supervisors have received no response.

This is not terribly surprising, considering the supervisors have insisted they need up to nine months to decide if they want to buy the mall, and have essentially turned down the mall owners’ offer to sell for $18.5 million.

Now it looks like county offices at the mall may start packing up. Their leases end on April 30.

At tomorrow’s 10 a.m. meeting, the supervisors will “discuss and provide direction to staff on relocation of county services and offices.”

As has been their policy thus far, officials with Cushman Wakefield, the company representing mall ownership, declined to comment.

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