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My apologies

The person who writes online comments (including the one I blogged about Thursday) under the name “Ruth Lyon” is not really named Ruth Lyon, and won’t identify herself/himself to me.

I apologize because I quoted the person’s comments as if someone by that name truly exists. Carelessness on my part.

In the discussion over whether the county should buy Westdale Mall, I still find the comments valuable. But it’s a little weird for a reporter to quote someone anonymously who offers no rationale for their anonymity, and it’s absurd to quote him or her as if the pseudonym is not a pseudonym. My bad.

While I neither endorse nor reject his analysis of “Lyon’s” comments, my embarrassed thanks goes to Brent Oleson for searching the voter registration rolls for the name, not finding it, and alerting me to th

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2 Responses

  1. Brent Oleson says:


    While you might find the comments valuable, let me give you one thing to think about. Anonymity is okay, if a rationale is provided and it used sparingly to get information into the larger sphere for examination. Generally in the blogging world that isn’t what is happening. Anon bloggers want to be anonymous because they don’t want to be accountable for their statements. It’s easy. It’s too easy. We can’t examine the credibility of the person making the statement. What is the motivation of the statement? Is their an axe to grind?

    I noticed Ruth Lyon posting on numerous web sites attacking anyone who disagreed with local Democratic leaders, even Democrats who disagreed with local Democratic leaders. Is she/he an insider? A registered Democrat? A party activist? A kook? A muckraker? A personal friend? I don’t know, so I put no stock in her statements, because I can’t properly evaluate them. All I know is she/he likes to not be accountable for what he/she says – which says everything I need to know about the person and consequently what they think.

  2. Ruth Lyon says:

    It is common political tactic to try to kill the messenger when one doesn’t like the message.
    I would encourage you to pay more attention to the power of ideas, as opposed to whether you consider the source worthy of your attention.

    You seem to place a premium on transparency and full disclosure.
    Seeing as how you have brought up this topic and feel strongly about it – in the name of full disclosure is there anything further you would like to share about yourself with your readers?

    Ruth Lyon

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