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Pen-pals! Supes to write Westdale letter Wednesday

At its 10 a.m. meeting Wednesday, the Board of Supervisors will formally deal with the letter from Westdale’s owners that was read aloud at Friday’s meeting.

“We are responding in writing,” Supervisor Ben Rogers said.

Will the supervisors ask for the mall to reconsider, and extend the county’s leases even if the supervisors decide not to buy the mall?

“That is hopefully what our letter will address,” Rogers said.

Meanwhile, Rogers says, the supervisors may authorize staff to search for new office space.

I called Clint Miller, the representative for Westdale who wrote the letter that told supervisors to “buy or fly,” as our headline writer put it.

I asked him two questions.

1. Is it possible you will extend the county’s leases past April 30 even if the supervisors don’t buy the mall?
2. Why add the threat of ending the short-term leases? Why not just say you’re going to put the mall back on the market if the supervisors don’t respond by March 30?

“We’re in a position here where I’m going to give you a no comment,” Miller said.

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One Response

  1. Mark says:

    Because, you know, especially in this economy that Westdale has SO MANY prospective tenants.

    By the way Westdale, when the offices leave, don’t expect the restaurants to stay either.

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