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Building choices on Friday agenda

Don’t expect a decision any time soon.

The Supervisors will look at six building options Friday at 2:30 p.m. The meeting is in Westdale Mall across from the Linn County Auditor’s Office and is open to the public.

One of the options will presumably be the purchase of Westdale, where several county offices have operated since June. The county’s administrative office building, sheriff’s office, and several other buildings were knocked out of commission by the flood.

Linn County staff and Design Dynamics, a local architectural firm, will make the presentation.

It will kick off what Supervisor Lu Barron is calling phase 2 of the timeline the county has set for deciding where it wants its offices to be in the future.

The county won’t make any decisions until the three governmental entities explore the possibility of shared community facilities. A telephone survey of county residents shows the public isn’t necessarily opposed to the idea.

Some 66 percent believe the supervisors ought to explore sharing a building (or several buildings) with the county, the city of Cedar Rapids and Cedar Rapids school district — if it improves convenience.

If the three organizations decide to move forward with a coordinated effort, they’ll kick off a “public participation” process that could take another six to nine months.

“We’ll know more as we continue our discussions,” Barron said in a statement.


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One Response

  1. Curt Zingula says:

    The Westdale debacle does at least provide us with a valuable lesson – Government, with its easy come revenue, and business are strange bed fellows! What Linn County government doesn’t seem to realize is that the Westdale owners are experienceing a deflationary environment and subsequent lower DAILY values for their building. Linn Co. must also consider that, as a temporary tenant, they are not a merchandisable asset for the sale of Westdale.
    The real issue, however, should be exploding off the front page news. Why are we the tax payers being saddled with the expense of a building and not some insurance company? And if we build another government “campus” on the flood plain will it be covered by insurance? Flood insurance too expensive you say? Must be a message in that thought!!!

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