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Ms. Langston goes to Washington

Along with Cedar Rapids City Council Members Justin Shields, Monica Vernon and Jerry McGrane, Langston traveled to D.C. Tuesday to lobby for more federal flood recovery funding.

The entourage was scheduled to meet with staff members at the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Department of Health and Human Services.

The HHS funding has caused particular consternation in Iowa, because Iowa was given only $11 million — less than 2 percent — of the $600 million in Social Services Block Grant dollars allocated to help disaster victims across the country. Iowa officials say this is unfair.

“The Bush administration’s HHS officials applied a population-based formula to devastated areas which will deny human services to Iowans who have rarely asked for help in the past, but who now need it desperately,” Cedar Rapids’ City Council and Linn County’s Board of Supervisors said in a joint statement.

Langston and the council members were scheduled to return today.

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