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Tab climbs for communication strategist

The bill has risen to nearly $50,000 for a local consultant hired by the Linn County supervisors to help with “strategic communications” after the flood.

Sondy Daggett earned another $7,420 in December, which brings her total payout to $46,554 since June.

Daggett’s company is called Integrated Communications Strategies.

According to her contract, her job includes “assistance and flood response planning as it relates to public information, public perceptions and state and federal government desired actions.”

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3 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Just wondering if the contract is for professional fees only? Are their additional expenses of the contractor billed to the county or are they inclusive in this amount?

    Its interesting that on a pro rated basis, she is making more than any of the five supervisors.

  2. B.J. Smith says:

    I would be most interested in what results were delivered in return for these fees. Are service reports, monthly reports and so on available for sharing with us taxpayers?

    Accountability, you know. We like that.

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