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Supervisors “get-to-work gas money fund”

Jim Houser, by his own admission, has taken a beating for his comments in December about charging the public for his drive from the downtown Palmer Building to Westdale Mall.

The story has gotten a lot of mileage (pun intended), and at Monday’s supervisors meeting, Ron Stodola of Marion added to it.

Stodola is the same guy who rebuked the supervisors last March over their salaries. He told them they had better cut their own pay, or promise they will, as soon as possible.

“If you don’t, I think we’re going to look for five new supervisors,” he said.

Well, he was back on Monday, and he was not happy. After criticizing the supervisors for rescinding the March resolution that made them part-time, he walked to the front of the room at Westdale, and did the following, according to Becky Shoop, the deputy auditor who took the meeting’s minutes:

“Stodola came up and laid a bunch of change down, and said ‘I’m contributing to the Board of Supervisors get-to-work gas money fund.’”


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