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Do NOT call me a slumlord

A federal judge granted a motion by Robert Miell that prohibits witnesses from referring to him as a slumlord in his trial, which starts Monday.

The trial is in Sioux City. Gazette reporter Trish Mehaffey will cover the entire trial, and she’ll be liveblogging it on

Miell, by far the biggest landlord in Linn County, faces 18 counts of mail fraud, three counts of perjury and two counts of filing a false tax return.

A jury awarded $1.9 million to American Family Mutual Insurance of Madison, Wis., in a civil trial last January against Miell for insurance fraud. The mail fraud charges in next week’s trial stem from that fraud case.

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One Response

  1. TheGuy ThatExposedBob says:

    New Years resolution: To visit Bob in prison at least twice to remind him of how he screwed over the wrong person.

    I will be watching this trial. Oh how I wish I could be present to see him convicted and sentenced to spend the rest of his life behind bars. Thank you Bob for leaving a paper trail a miell 😉 long so anyone could find it. Too bad those who helped you are getting off the hook….or are they 🙂

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