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Tom Ulrich was not alone

Space was tight in this morning’s paper, so there wasn’t room to get into it, but when the Emergency Management Commission voted to hire Mike Goldberg as the new coordinator last night, Tom Ulrich wasn’t the only EMA staffer who spoke up to voice dissent.

Don Vincent, the EMA plans officer, made similar comments.

“This agency and this county has already gone through one disaster with a coordinator without emergency management experience and this agency does not need to go through more of a learning curve,” he said in a prepared statement to the commission. “This agency has begun to repair its reputation and reform the links that were damaged by the former coordinator.”

The “former coordinator” is Rich Mahaney. To this day, none of the taxpayer-funded officials in local government has stepped forward to explain what he did wrong, but apparently he “damaged” some “links.”

Vincent went on to question the commission’s commitment to the EMA and the people of Linn County, and said he was thinking about quitting.

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