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Office hours, meeting times and agendas

The only thing the Linn County Supervisors didn’t cover in an afternoon planning session with former city manager Jeff Schott is the color of the pens they will use while in office.

Schott, a cross between Jimmy Stewart and Chuck Grassley, led the supervisors through a detailed discussion of how they will operate in the new year, with five members. Supervisors-elect Ben Rogers and Brent Oleson participated as well.

They identified a series of topics for future discussion. How will the supervisors take and track citizen complaints? What role will supervisors play as liaisons to county departments? How much authority does an individual supervisor have to direct staff members?

They decided to stick with the current meeting schedule (Mon-Tues-Wed, Mon-Wed, Mon-Tues-Wed, Mon-Wed, etc.), and the current location for most meetings, Westdale Mall.

But not without some dissent from Jim Houser.

“Right now we’re meeting at Westdale, which is really inefficient for me,” he said.

Houser said he can’t get prepared for 9 a.m. meetings there because the Palmer building (where supervisors keep their offices) is not on the way to Westdale from his southwest Cedar Rapids home, and he can’t get to his e-mail inbox.

He suggested he could drive to Palmer at 8 a.m. and then charge mileage for the drive out to Westdale and back. Lu Barron suggested he could print out what he needed the night before.

Everyone but Houser wanted to stick with holding meetings at Westdale for the foreseeable future.

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3 Responses

  1. Tom Olsen says:

    Heaven forbid that Houser would do something that makes sense. Thanks for the suggestion Lu.

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    So Houser is the guy his district wanted, huh? He can’t get himself out of bed in the morning early enough to handle his job responsibilities, wants to nickel and dime taxpayers for intracity mileage and he isn’t tech savvy enough to figure out how to access his email.

    Now I read he wants to hike his pay back up to $90k? Yeah, this is leadership.

    Kudos to the voters in this guy’s district.

  3. […] 8, 2009 by adambelz Jim Houser, by his own admission, has been taking a beating for his comments in December about charging mileage for his drive from the Palmer Building to Westdale […]

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