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Local sales tax gets supervisors’ support

Linn county Auditor Joel Miller is taking me to task for not reporting that the supervisors have thrown their weight behind the idea of a countywide local option sales tax.

The supervisors want state legislators to give them power to impose a local option sales tax without voter approval.

“Without voter approval” is becoming a commonplace phrase when it comes to taxes.

Supervisors argue property tax revenue is declining, and a local option sales tax “would allow a quicker and more reliable source of funding for recovery needs of the community.”

If the supervisors impose such a tax, it would be subject to a reverse referendum, meaning voters could weigh in on the back side, if they can get it on the ballot, and vote it down.

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2 Responses

  1. Brent Oleson says:

    Please be clear on who supports the Local Option Sales Tax idea and who does not. Ben Rogers and myself have not voted on any of the legislative priorities for the 2009 legislative session. Speaking for myself, I do NOT support raising local option taxes or initiating bonding without a vote of the people as now perscribed by Iowa Code. I will talk about any tax issues and keep an open mind, but I cannot at this time (nor see any future situation) support removing the voter from the equation on large tax matters or bonding proposals.

  2. Brent Oleson says:

    p.s. reverse referendum is not good enough. we witnessed how difficult that was in changing our form of county government. its near impossible and requires a crew of people with a great deal of time on their hands. most of the people it will effect are too busy trying to make a living and scrape by under already crushing tax burdens.

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