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A dunk tank for the supervisors

Representatives for the Linn County Fair Board complained Monday that people don’t think to attend the July county fair because it’s located in Central City.

People don’t realize it, said Fair Board Treasurer Jennifer Dunn, but Central City’s only 20 miles away, and it’s all four-lane road between Cedar Rapids and there. She suggested there be a “supervisor of the day” at this year’s fair (five days, five supervisors), perhaps to drive traffic from all parts of the county.

Hey, whatever works.

Lu Barron was noncomittal (she needed to check her schedule to make sure there was no conflict with the National Association of Counties annual conference).

Jim Houser had an idea. He suggested, with a grin on his face, that the fair get a dunk tank for the supervisors. You know, the kind where a metal target is connected to a seat over a tank of water. People pay to throw a ball at the target, and when they hit the target, the seat drops out from under the person sitting on the seat, sending them into the water.

Linda Langston chuckled.

“We hope it’s a hot day,” she said, “’cause we’ll spend a lot of time in the water.”

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