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Linn building survey

Here’s the survey the Board of Supervisors have commissioned to find out where the public wants county buildings to be in the post-flood (postdiluvian, as Doug Elliott might say) era. Phone calls will start going out Wednesday: linn-county-facilities-survey-final2

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3 Responses

  1. Brent Oleson says:


    Not one question on Westdale Mall. Yet, a question on leasing space was added to the final survey version(indirectly trying to attack the Westdale Mall option, without asking the people directly whether or not they want to pursue Westdale Mall). And people wonder why many have a negative view of local government. They really don’t want to hear what people want, they just want justify the position they have already taken, which is to build brand new cathedrals to government near the river.

    Big government is alive and well.

  2. DemGoddess says:

    As a citizen of Linn County that lives in Marion, I do not want to travel the additional 15 mins to Westdale Mall. I would prefer the County Offices be centrally located (ie: Downtown or near it) so that it doesnt inconvience me and the 30000 or so other Marion Residents.

  3. Brent Oleson says:


    You have unwittingly proved my point (aha!) (add sarcasm).

    You see, you just voiced your opinion on the Westdale option. Thank you.

    Too bad not one of the four hundred respondents in the phone survey will get that option. They will not even be asked. Apparently, someone fears what the response will be.

    That is why the survey should probably not be given much weight. Questions were designed to elicit a desired response (not to include the option to choose Westdale). Too bad.

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