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Rosenthal e-mail on ethics complaint

Here’s the news story about Eric Rosenthal and the ethics complaint against him. He sent me this e-mail Monday afternoon:

My attorney recently filed another response to the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board regarding an investigation which I was notified of on November 16, 2007. The investigation is in response to a complaint that I was reimbursed for expenses that I did not incur, specifically to InSync Marketing and Sales. I had directed the Linn County Republican Central Committee to pay InSync in November 2004, which they subsequently did in May 2005. However, during the fall of 2004, I submitted numerous requests for reimbursements, and, unfortunately, when I was reimbursed, those reimbursements did not specify what items were being reimbursed with each payment. The reimbursement requests to the committee always included receipts and invoices. I always had to submit requests for reimbursement and did not have control of the finances of the organization, proper segregation of duties precluding such.

Subsequent to the 2004 general election, I tried to work with the leadership of the Republican central committee to sort through numerous bills and requests for payments, for both vendors and individuals that had provided goods and services to the committee during the general election cycle. However, my attempts were repeatedly rebuffed. It is interesting to note that the complainant waited three years to file a complaint, and, during that time did not attempt to resolve the issue in good faith with me. It is also important to note that local, state, and federal Republican candidates have continued to ask me for help on numerous campaigns.

My attorney and I have communicated with the IECDB throughout the past year. It is unfortunate that this issue has not been resolved, but that is primarily due to two factors: first, I had serious illness in my family – both my wife and my mother – which has taken an extraordinary amount of time; and, second, the complaint was filed more than three years after the event and collecting documentation was diificult, especially given the adversarial nature of some in the committee.

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4 Responses

  1. Ruth Lyon says:

    This note was cross posted with the article referenced in th(is blog posting)

    Republican Linn County chair Conklin notes without irony that the Democrats should do a better job vetting their candidates.
    The fact is the Democrats disavowed Robinson as a candidate at the first sign of impropriety.
    The Linn County Republicans rush to the aid of their candidate who is under investigation by two state agencies.
    The Linn County Republican’s have an odd practice of embracing candidates that the state or national party has rejected.
    In 2007 Emma Nemecek was dismissed by Senator Brownback’s campaign for distributing an email that claimed Mitt Romney was not Christian. Romney’s spokesperson said,”…Its unfortunate that these attacks of religious bigotry were taking place.” “There is just no place for these types of attacks in America today.” (Gazette article, June 17 2007)
    When Karen Balderston was running for state representative in 2002 she distributed an email questioning her opponent’s qualifications because she was not born in the States. This is what Chuck Larson the chair of the Republican Party said about her, “Larson wrote Balderston’s comments were not acceptable and do not reflect the philosophy of the Republican Party or its leadership. Anyone who wants to represent the people of Iowa or the United States must understand the foundations of this great nation and the ideals upon which it was built.” (Gazette article, Oct 29 2002)
    Where are these people now? Emma Nemecek is the Linn Republican candidate for State Representative, Karen Balderston has returned to a leadership position in the party as the Chair of the Linn County Women’s organization.
    So it is not surprising that the Linn County Republican leadership is circling the wagons for Rosenthal.

  2. not so crazy with GOP says:

    With regards to Eric, there are always two sides of the coin. Give the person his chance to prove to everyone that the allegations are untrue. People just want to destroy him because they are afraid he will win the election.
    With regards to Emma Nemecek, she was not dismissed by the Brownback Campaign. I was one of those that she forwarded the Mormom email to. It didn’t originate from her, and she showed that to everyone too including Senator Brownback. She was one of the recipient of that e mail and the guy’s information ( phone number and name ) that was fact finding the Mormon Religion was on the e mail too, so why didn’t they call him ? He was the one that sent it to Emma along with 4 women and Emma just forwarded it to the 6 of us as she didn’t know what to tell the guy. She sent it thru her personal e mail and one of the Republicans who supports Romney told the news about it. Emma was one of those people that fil the bus for the announcement of Gov. Romney. Emma has 6 Mormon family members who lives in Utah and Des Moines. She worked for Brownback till after the straw poll, and the McCain Campaign hired her to be the Second District Rep and she quit after the Caucus and besides she had been occupied as she is a small business owner. She only decided to run in March, her second time around. This lady had worked with a lot of politicians like Gov. Arnold S. of CA. and with the Bush Cheney Campaign.
    With regards to Karen Balderston, she is a good leader. She and her family had suffered a lot because a Republican insider turned her in which caused her the election. It’s too bad , that the Republicans started to ignore her. They accused her of being a racist. I am glad she is back in circulation. I hope she would consider to run again someday . She still have the passion to serve. I personaly thik she should be given a chance.

    With regards to Conklin, he’s ok. He was just trying to rescue Eric , and Eric alone . He used to be very nice , till he became the chair, it all went to his head.

  3. KB says:

    Has his mother been sick for the whole 3 years that the supposed ethics issues have been outstanding? To squelch all the CPA rumors, just tell us all what his CPA certificate number is.

  4. Who cares says:

    No one gives a shit about Eric only Kathy and the DEMS.

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