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Bob Miell’s new gig

There’s a new property management company in town, but then again no, there’s not.

The company is called Elite Properties of Iowa, LLC, and it was incorporated on July 17, by guess who: Bob Miell.

The big-time local landlord in trouble with the feds over mail fraud has opened a new business, but the business lists the same address as his other companies, 1855 First Ave. SE.

A guy called me this afternoon and said he was renting from Elite Properties and the people at the company were reluctant to reveal that Miell was in charge of the company.

Miell’s “Equity Associates Inc., Realtors” is still an active coorporation according to the Iowa Secretary of State, but if he is in fact trying to hide that Elite Properties is his company, he has good reason.

Equity and Miell’s other various companies have taken a beating in the press and on the Internet for the past year. The comment pages are generally abusive toward him.

He was in court for a civil case this year where a judge ruled against him and his federal criminal trial is scheduled for January.

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4 Responses

  1. Seth says:

    Anyone that has ever had the displeasure of dealing with Equity in any way should be able to tell that Elite was run by the same crew.

    Elite’s misleading ads, vague and evasive answers to inquiries, and an almost stand-offish way of treating prospective tenants has ‘Equity’ written all over it.

    I understand they have some of the cheapest rents in the area, but ya get what you pay for.. and the hidden costs are often tip the scales against ya.

  2. Greg says:

    We took photos of tomato plants growing in sludge the other day, so you know my comments are reputable.

    I got hooked up with Equity when I moved from Oregon — I thought it might be nice to live in a rental house in the SE side so I got a feel for living in Cedar Rapids prior to buying a home, my family was still in Oregon until June, so I was living solo and travelling light. I needed a place to stay while I was looking for a home to purchase — so I called up Equity. My dealings were so bad with Bob — I could smell a rat even when dealing with him over the phone in Oregon prior to moving here, however, he already had my deposit and wouldn’t return the money.

    I turned in my 60-day notice on my first day as they were handing me my keys when I arrived in Cedar Rapids. In addition, I made extensive amendments to his “Scam” contract before signing, took no less than 30 digital photos of the house they rented me, printed out the photos and had them notorized just to protect us when I moved out. Bob still ripped me off my cleaning despoit even though I did everything specified in the contract and had proof.

    I wasn’t able to close on a house in that 60 days living in Bob’s dive, so I moved to a long-term stay hotel for another 30 days before moving into my house, I wasn’t given Equity another dime even though it cost me $1600 more to live in a hotel for a month…sometimes it’s just a matter of principle.

    After leaving Equity, I had to push them daily to return my deposit. What I can’t understand is Bob’s employees run the front for Bob, there has to be something to that, why are they so loyal to Bob? As a person that manages people that just doesn’t make sense to me, there is a reason for that behavior. I think if you dig there, you’ll find another smoking gun. I think Equity figured out that I wasn’t going away and was more versed in defending myself in small claims so they gave me all my money back — probably I was more trouble than it was worth to Bob, except the $30 bucks he ripped me off for the cleaning deposit — I think that was his way of claiming victory.

    I feel sorry for also those people he does take advantage of, that don’t have experience in dealing with contracts, or the ability to move to temporary housing on a whim. I think the Gazette and everyone else should continue to pursue Mr. Bob, he’s the lowest of lows, he takes advantage of those who always don’t have the means to defend themselves. The guy is a creep, unfortunately, he’s the first Iowain I had to deal with, he’s a poor example of the Hawkeye state.


  3. Red says:

    I have been renting from Equity and now Elite for almost 4 years now, and there is definitely something fishy going on with this company. I haven’t had any real problems because I know tenant’s rights and how to stand up for myself, but I have talked to many people who have had many problems in dealing with this guy. His standard practice is to lure you in with a very low rent, then raise it every few months until it’s $200 or more higher than where you started. When you move out, he has been known to falsify bills for cleaning, etc in order to keep your deposit. It would be nice to see him get what he deserves for his nastiness and shady dealings.
    Greg, I’m sorry he’s the first person in Iowa you dealt with. He certainly isn’t who I would want as a representative of our community!

  4. Tammy A says:

    Bob Meill is a theif and crook bigh time!!!! I am so thankful his little shabby scheme finally got broken up. It took an insurance fraud to get into his little heirm of thiefery. His employees are scum bags to boot! He is getting what he deserves, it can’t be soon enough though!

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