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Iowa Public Radio looking for C.R. correspondent

Iowa Public Radio News Director Jonathan Ahl makes some corrections to this blog entry in a comment below.

Anyone who listens to Iowa Public Radio with any regularity knows that the local news report in Eastern Iowa consists almost entirely of two things: Someone reads newspaper headlines aloud and Jeneane Beck, apparently IPR’s only reporter (yes, there is/was a guy named Rob Dillard, too), contributes earnest dispatches mostly from Des Moines.

I am an avid public radio listener. I genuinely depend on Morning Edition, All Things Considered and Marketplace. I even think The Exchange, IPR’s opinion talk show, is quite good. My only complaint with the radio station (here it’s 90.9 FM) is the local news. They always seems to break in on good music to announce that some guy will be performing at the Gallagher Bluedorn, and it appears to consist only of the aforementioned out-loud-headline-reading and occasional reports from the state legislature. I just would rather not hear from the studio if that’s all they have to offer.

So I’m glad to hear that Iowa Public Radio wants to hire a reporter for its “Cedar Rapids bureau.” I knew of no such bureau, but if it’s in the works, that’s great. What matters is that IPR appears to be expanding its news coverage. Here’s the job description if any of you citizen journalists out there have radio experience and are interested.

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  1. Jonathan Ahl says:

    Thanks for your post. The Cedar Rapids reporter is a new position, and will be based at KCCK at Kirkwood. KCCK is not an IPR station, but we are working with them in partnership on some projects, and they are willing to house our new Cedar Rapids reporter. We are looking forward to much improved coverage of this vital community as part of our statewide coverage effort.

    As for your assessment of IPR’s Eastern Iowa news, I would point out that Dean Borg regularly reports on Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. I would categorize his dispatches as “earnest” as well.

    And we don’t read newspaper headlines. We do use some material from the Associated Press, which may be what you are referring to.

    Jonathan Ahl
    News Director
    Iowa Public Radio

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