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Festival of consultants

While the $475 per hour the city is paying for the services of Mr. John Levy of Globe Midwest Risk Managment is unusually high, he’s not the only consultant making more money in an hour than some people around here see in a week.

Adjusters International, the company with which Levy is affiliated, offers the following hourly fee schedule for its services (Levy is apparently in another bracket):

Senior consultant: $285
Consultant/Project Officer: $155
Specialist: $125

Both Linn County and the city of Cedar Rapids have hired this company to help them maximize FEMA reimbursement, and one can only imagine how many $285 hours have slipped by since June 18, when the contracts were signed.

Mold cleanup after floods, as it happens, is another extremely lucrative line of work. Linn County inked a contract with a company called Envirocare on June 15, and while the cost of services comes nothing close to John Levy territory, it is not inconsiderable.

Here’s some of the hourly fee schedule:

Forensic Environmentalist: $220
Project Consultant: $175
Archive Assessment Coordinator: $125

The not-to-exceed sum on the contract was $2,292,249.89.

Many Linn County contracts, and eventually all of them, will be available for your perusal on the Linn County Auditor’s website, here.

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