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Oct. 1 still target date for courthouse

It’s a little more than a month until Linn County officials hope to restore some court operations to the courthouse on May’s Island. The building, built in 1919, was damaged in June flooding.

Linn County IT Director Phil Lowder told the supervisors this morning that he expects phones, Internet and other IT stuff to be ready for the county attorney’s office at the county courthouse on Sept. 15.

Other obstacles to getting court operations going again at the courthouse are, according to Mike Goldberg: clearance on the elevators, the fire protection system, access for people with disabilities, card access wiring and the heating and cooling system.

Contractors are working on all those things.

Target date is still Oct. 1. In order to move court operations back in by then, the contractors need to be done by Sept. 15, Linn County Constructions Services Manager Garth Fagerbakke said.

A crew of custodians will go into the courthouse on Tuesday to begin cleaning.

“Things are actually starting to move along,” Fagerbakke said.

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