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Pelosi coming to Iowa

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will visit Iowa on Sept. 8 to tour flood damaged areas of the state, Congressman Dave Loebsack’s office announced Saturday. 

“She personally assured me that when Congress reconvenes in September we will take up and pass a second disaster assistance package,” Loebsack said in a statement. “However, before we can secure comprehensive disaster aid, Speaker Pelosi must see firsthand the extent of damage to our communities, families, and businesses affected by the floods. Only then will she understand the true struggle our state faces as we travel down the long road to recovery.”

Loebsack said Pelosi “accepted my invitation” to visit Iowa.

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  1. H J Becil says:

    Please check out Kathy Potts

    We have someone running for a local statehouse seat who has that same independent streak and integrity as Governor Palin of Alaska.
    Kathy Potts of Cedar Rapids is running for the 33rd District House seat.
    She has proven that she puts integrity in front of party.

    When she was the incoming chair of the Linn County Republicans she conducted an audit and found irregularities – outgoing chair Eric Rosenthal had evidently pocketed money that was due to the party. She did the right thing – she contacted the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board. Here is the story in her own words on her website.

    Potts cares about people and taking care of our flood victims. When Christopher Rants, the Republican House Minority leader said that politicians shouldn’t “politicize“ the response to the flood, Potts rightly pointed out it would take a political solution and yes, it was personal.

    Potts has also taken a couragous stand for Taylor school, urging the ouster of incumbent school board members, Mary Meisterling and Ann Rosenthal.
    See her webpage:

    Is there any doubt that Potts speaks, “Truth to power” and would be a powerful, principled, advocate for Cedar Rapids? Check out these web pages and ask yourself when was the last time you saw a local candidate demonstrate this sort of integrity.

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