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County managers won’t get overtime

It looks like Linn County will not follow the city’s lead in paying overtime to salaried employees who worked extra hours during the flood and its aftermath.

“I don’t believe there’s any interest in us doing that,” Linn County Supervisor Linda Langston said. “While we’re grateful, we’re also financially challenged. I think part of the reality is, it’s not a perfect world.”

She estimates about 50 county managers worked “ungodly hours.”

The subject came up Wednesday in a monthly county managers’ meeting when Linn Engineer Steve Gannon joked that he heard a rumor county managers would get overtime pay for the extra hours worked during the flood.

“Right, the guy who really needs it!” Langston shot back. (Gannon is the highest-paid county employee outside of the county attorney’s office.)

It was the Secondary Roads Department and the Sheriff’s Office that worked the most overtime during the flood, Langston said.

“They were working probably 16, 18 hour days,” she said.

In the aftermath, several other county departments did as well.

Though overtime pay won’t happen, Langston said the Board of Supervisors may decide to waive a county vacation policy that causes employees to lose vacation if they don’t use it before a certain date. Some employees kept working in July and missed the deadline to use their vacation.

Rick Smith’s story about the city paying overtime to salaried employees is here.

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