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Facts about mold in trailers

Lt. Gov. Patty Judge wants 232 of them removed. 

88 of those were inhabited by families when mold was found in the water heater compartments of their trailers.

Of those 88, roughly half have decided they do not want to leave their trailer. FEMA cannot force people to leave their trailers once they move into them.

FEMA spokesman Billy Penn said Thursday that FEMA experts say it would take four days to “remediate” — that is, clean up — the mold in these water heater compartments. The compartments are only accessible from outside the trailer and are not connected to the part of the trailers where people live.

Bringing these 232 trailers to Iowa and removing them is costing at least $2 million, probably more like $3 million.


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One Response

  1. Les Deal says:

    I am a remodeling contrator (Les Deal, Inc). An interesting observation, perspective, and fact I wish to share on this subject.

    There is likely not a single home anywhere that doesn’t have mold. And I’m talking about in the living area, not hidden behind the exterior skin of the house. I’m not saying it is wrong to remove the trailers, I haven’t seen them. I only offer a perspective that seeing mold is not in and of itself a cause for alarm. Cleaning the mold and sealing the compartment properly shouldn’t be complicated.

    I discover and remove mold often in bathroom remodeling among many other kinds of remodeling I do in homes. It feels like this issue is filled with heavy overreaction.

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