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You’ve got the wrong Linn County, lady

Sometimes it pays to check the address at the bottom of a website.

Linn County Supervisor Linda Langston last week got an unusual complaint filed by e-mail through the county’s website.

A woman said her 8-month old lhasa-apso-maltese-mix puppy had been “murdered” by a roving pit bull.

“She was concerned about the off leash laws,” Langston said. “She wanted there to be some punishment involved.”

In her response, Langston pointed out that there is no Linn County dog control officer and directed the woman to the sheriff’s office in downtown Cedar Rapids.

“What’s the sheriff doing in Iowa?” the woman shot back.

“I said because that’s where he works, and that’s where he’s from,” Langston said.

A deputy from the sheriff’s office called the complaining woman. Apparently she lives in a different Linn County, about 70 miles south of Portland, Ore.

It’s not the first time the mistake’s been made.

“This last week and a half, this was the third one we’ve gotten,” Sheriff Don Zeller said.

Langston said the woman, when she realized her mistake, said, “No wonder I got such a quick response.”


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2 Responses

  1. R says:

    Ha! This is hilarious! I actually googled Linn County recently, and was confused when I saw the “new” website… when it actually wasn’t new, but was the Linn County of Oregon.

  2. nscott says:

    This is like a bad episode of Sister Sister.

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