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Miller’s blog pulled from Gazetteonline

Joel Miller’s blog “Views from the Linn County Auditor” was taken off the Gazette’s home page this week. Miller’s opponent Lyle Hanson pointed out that having the blog — which Miller did not use as a campaigning tool — on the Gazette’s website was a little unfair.  Gazette online editor Jason Kristufek agreed and said Miller understood Hanson’s point and didn’t protest.

But both candidates have web presences that are alive and well. Here are Miller’s blog and Lyle Hanson’s campaign homepage.

The auditor’s race, as one P.T. Larson has pointed out, is really going to be interesting, and it’s going to be decided on June 3 at the Democratic primary. Larson wants a Sunday cover story on the race, and I’m open to the idea. We’ll see what happens. 

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5 Responses

  1. Disappointed says:

    I read Joel’s blog quite regularly, and not once did it ever cross the line into campaign site. Pulling this from the web is the height of PC and makes Lyle look the fool, in my opinion.

    Part of being an incumbent is having the advantage of the ‘raised platform’ so to speak, the ability to reach voters by virtue of the office you already hold. It’s a part of politics, and Lyle knows this.

    Pulling this leaves me disappointed with the Gazette, disappointed with Lyle, and disappointed with the state of affairs that has a grown man crying “no fair”.

  2. Mark says:

    I likewise am disappointed that Mr. Miller’s blog was pulled. Mr. Hanson obviously has his own online forum on his website, and Mr. Miller, while campaigning, does not cease to be the current auditor. Therefore he should continue in the same capacity he always has as the Linn County Auditor, to include the blog.

    Also pointed out is that Mr. Miller did not use the blog in any way for campaigning or self promotion. It was used for education and to promote involvement/discussion in the county’s and greater community’s civic life.

    I hope Mr. Kristufek and Mr. Hanson will reconsider their enforcement of ‘fairness’ at the expense of public education, involvement, and discussion.

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