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Miell lied on the stand, prosecutors say

New charges in a “superseding indictment” against Robert Miell accuse him of lying under oath during the civil trial January that ended with him having to pay $1.5 million to American Family Insurance.

The man is in trouble. In addition to 18 counts of criminal mail fraud, Miell now faces a count of perjury and two counts of filing false tax returns. The total amount of possible years in prison is 371. Of course he’ll never get that many, but it’s the grand total.

Read about it here.

Disclaimer: I do not have any power to help you get money back from Miell if you think he cheated you. So I probably won’t respond to e-mails about that.


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7 Responses

  1. Steve says:

    One would think there would be a certain amount of hand wringing over the potenial loss of tax revenue from his property if he goes up the river and everything gets sold at fire sale prices to cover his debts. With foreclosure rates doubling in Iowa and across the nation, putting the real estate of the fourth biggest property owner in Linn county on the block isn’t going to bring smiles to anyone dealing with real estate who expects to get reasonable return on selling property. With that many more properties on the market, prices will have to drop and so will the revenue from the property once the valuation is re-adjusted for taxes. CR thinks it has a few problems with the budget now, they haven’t seen but the tip of the iceberg.

  2. One of his Victims says:

    Properties should not need to be sold to pay his debts. Miell has cash stashed. He knew this was coming and mortgaged everything to the hilt over the past 5 years, pocketing the cash. Go spend a few days at the Recorder’s office and look into it. The feds just need to figure out where to look to find the money.

    A criminal is being held accountable for his actions. Many people are to blame for this getting so big before he was finally caught, including ex-City Council members, Police, Sheriff, other landlords, Housing Dept officials, Judges, and so on, and so on, and so on. Don’t lessen the need for punishment of a criminal by worrying about the taxes. Those who are supposed to be keeping things like this under control failed. New owners will pay the taxes and things will eventually even out, they always do. You want to hold someone accountable for what may follow? Look at those who were in charge all those years Miell was getting away with his crimes and don’t vote for them anymore.

  3. Dan says:

    American Family Insurance has a bizarre policy for its claims. It expects you to fork out the cash BEFORE they will reimburse you. Imagine as an average homeowner having to pay out big bucks to have damages repaired on your house and then have to wait until you have ALL your receipts in order to get reimbursed. Other insurance carriers do not handle it this way. I have not idea if Mr Miell intended to commit insurance fraud by his practices but I can certainly understand why he did it. I am sure he has not been the best landlord (I am sure he had some bad tenants too) but I don’t think that should have a factor in his guilt.

  4. Dot says:

    Miell will “get his” only because he screwed an insurance company and the federal government. When I moved to Cedar Rapids nearly four years ago, I almost rented a very cute little house, but got a bad feeling from the disrespectful employee at Equity Associates and walked away. I paid more elsewhere, but it was worth it. Where is support for the Average Jane who rents from a bad landlord or property management company? I want assistance in learning about state laws and local rules, not to talk to a bunch of people who just want to bitch and moan. Any suggestions? I’ve rented in small towns, big towns, suburbs and Chicago, and have always felt relatively powerless on my own against lousy landlords.

  5. One of his Victims says:

    Dot, the only help I know of is through the CR Fair Housing office. There used to be a tenant group here but that disappeared a few years ago. You can access the Landlord Tenant laws for Iowa online. I also believe I heard somewhere the people that ran the tenant group years ago are still willing to help people but they don’t live here anymore. I have no idea how to contact them other than through word of mouth. If you can find someone that knows who ran it they might be able to provide contact information.

    Also, there was a place on the SE side that helps people learn to deal with legal matters themselves. As I understand it, they may as well be able to help. It would be nice to see someone form a new tenant group in this town.

  6. Judy says:

    Question, I am a current renter, what happens to the property once he goes to prison?

  7. Shawn says:

    I am a current renter under Equity. Bob requires a 60 day notice of termination of tenency. I took that in at the end of June. I knew that we would need the month of August to do what the lease says (2 coats of poly on the wood floors, painting, carpets (which are cheap indoor/outdoor burber that were disgusting when we moved in) professionally cleaned).
    The office person stamped it received on that day. After July 2 I received a 30 day notice from them notifiying me as of the 31st of June. Bob just blocked my being able to do the work that should be done before we turn over our keys. I suspect, so he can keep my deposit AND charge more for work he will SAY was done (whether it gets done or not).
    I just spoke to a DISGRUNTLED employee of Equity that says Bob will do exactly what I predict will happen. I want to do the work that the lease say should be done but Bob just stopped me from being able to do so, by not honoring my 60 day notice. What am I to do? I guess I see him in court where a judge will have to decide.

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