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E-911 buys mass notification system

This was on the front page of the Iowa Today section today, as a Corridor item. It’s kind of a big deal, to paraphrase Ron Burgundy in Anchorman.

The Linn County E-911 Executive Board — a bunch of public safety types from around our fair county — decided to pay $50,000 per year for a service that can call at least 60,000 people an hour in case of a major emergency, like a flood or a water boil order.

The service, called Code Red, can target geographic areas like the flood plain of the Cedar River or certain neighborhoods, so it doesn’t waste calls. I guess we’ll see about that. The 50 grand pays for 200,000 minutes per year. It doesn’t take too many emergencies to use that up. As the Code Red people put it, that’s 400,000 30-second calls. More than 200,000 people live in Linn County. I don’t know how many home telephones that equals.

Code Red was chosen over another company, because more government entities use Code Red than the other one, and because the company behind Code Red is so confident in itself that it takes all legal responsibility for mistakes (as in, “I didn’t get a call about the boil order, and I drank some water. I’m going to sue you!”)

The Code Red website is here

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  1. george says:

    wonder what they charge for over limit minutes?

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