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Mahoney’s to go smokeless

One of the smokiest bars in Cedar Rapids will be non-smoking beginning Tuesday.

Mahoney’s Irish Pub, in the heart of the Irish district at 1602 E Ave. NE, is beating the state legislature to the punch and going fresh and clean. It was reported on The Gazette’s Money page (on the back of the Iowa Today section) on Tuesday.

It’s a little surprising. Mahoney’s feels like one of the last strongholds for the smoking public. Some bartenders there smoke, and half the customers, according to Carrie Mahoney, wife of bar owner Dennis Mahoney.

Dennis Mahoney said he made the decision for the health of his staff and to remain an authentic Irish pub — since all pubs in Ireland are now non-smoking. The “authenticity” of banning smoking in drinking establishments is debatable, but I get the point.

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4 Responses

  1. george says:

    Hooray for them! Thank you for doing that

  2. Dot says:

    Mahoney’s is my favorite local bar due to the Sunday live music plus friendly, efficient bartenders and decent beer selection every day of the week. Now the smoke-free atmosphere is a reason to love the pub even more. It might be interesting to check back with the Mahoneys in a couple of months to find out if they experience a change in business after April 1.
    I wonder if patrons will think the no-smoking signs posted April 1 are some kind of a joke.

  3. BeerDrinker says:

    The beer at Mahoneys is overpriced and one can pay much less by walking up the street 1 block.

  4. Dennis Mahoney says:

    Thanks for your kind words and support. Of course one doesn’t come to this decision without considering all of those smokers who have supported our efforts over the years. Mahoney’s has grown much larger than me and it is due to the diversity of our constituents and the friendships formed, not me. To those making the choice to take their “ciggy butts” elsewhere, I would just remind you of the friends you have made, and the quality of entertainment Mahoney’s has provided. And to you Mr.#3 BeerDrinker, I’ve bean up the block and I have seen what you get for your money and consider Mahoney’s Pub a much better value!

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